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Tim Kaine Opposes Gay Marriage, Opposes Unmarried People Adopting, But Wants Gays To Adopt?!

When former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine was anointed chairman of the Democratic National Committee by Barack Obama in 2009, half of our face smiled. Half frowned. That’s because Kaine, who resigned from the DNC on Tuesday and announced his bid for a Virginian U.S. Senate seat, was all nice to your face about LGBT issues, but he’s also the guy who signed into law the Marshall-Newman Amendment, which defines marriage in Virginia as being between a man and a woman. So now that he’s on the campaign trail, does he think any differently about LGBT rights?

Hard to tell. He won’t weigh on in his successor Gov. Bob McDonnell’s opposition to revising state policy that bars gay couples from adopting children. From one standpoint, that’s Kaine’s way of staying out of state politics and keeping the focus national. But the folks who are going to send him to the Senate in D.C. are the same folks who elected him governor of their state. So yes, his position on this issue matters. (As DNC chair, Kaine is also the guy who towed the line and refused to pressure Obama on repealing DADT.)

Back in 2005 when he was running for governor, Kaine declared, “No couples in Virginia can adopt other than a married couple — that’s the right policy.” Um, but? “Gay individuals should be able to adopt.” (Of course “gay couples” could still adopt under these rules, but only one parent would have legal recognition.) And while speaking to reporters this week he refused to declare whether he’s keeping it status quo, he bizarrely is trying to support the right of gay individuals to adopt — when in the past he’s been adamantly opposed to any non-couple taking on kids.

Kaine, who resigned Tuesday as chairman of the Democratic National Committee to begin his Senate campaign, said he supports a proposed regulation initiated when he was governor that would prohibit private and faith-based groups, such as Catholic Charities and Jewish Family Services, from discriminating against gay parents. But, Kaine said, it would not allow unmarried couple to adopt, because that is barred by Virginia law.

“It was started during my time as governor without my active involvement although I definitely support it,’’ Kaine told reporters at his first news conference as a candidate this week. “I will state unequivocally I do not believe that agencies that work in adoption should discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation or any other grounds other than the best interest of the child. That should the be the criteria.”

Currently, only married couples and single men and women — regardless of sexual orientation — can adopt in Virginia. The proposed regulation, according to Gov. Bob McDonnell’s office, would require that unmarried couples — heterosexual or homosexual — be able to adopt because no agencies, including faith-based groups would be able to turn them away. But Kaine says he disagrees with that interpretation. “They did not promise to change the issue about couple or single person adoption because that’s statutory,’’ he said. “You can’t do it by regulation. It didn’t change the issue of couples versus individuals.”

Kaine is what? Less than a week into this campaign? And already he’s tripping all over himself. This is going to be messy.

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  • The sane Francis

    Do social conservatives ever make sense?

  • JusticeontheRocks

    Rocket Scientist Kaine vs. MENSA member George Allen may produce some of the stupidest political rhetoric in the nation’s history. Two completely reprehensible people.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Let the social conservatives in the Democratic Party of Virginia elect him them. Just being marginally better than George Allen isn’t enough for my money and my active support.

    I’d like to meet the person who won’t vote for a former DNC Chair and current Obama supporter if they support LGBT rights, but will vote for him if he opposes LGBT equality. I’m not sure such a person exists. I don’t see this position gaining Kaine any votes.

  • John

    Allen or Kaine, eh? Looks like I’m voting Independent in Virginia again…

  • JJ

    Why does he have to step on gays to gain more power? What a “leader” — allowing discrimination because it’s easier is not very leader-like.

  • Jim Hlavac

    @John: John – what does “voting independent” mean? Does it mean voting for the Republican or Democrat, but not being registered as one or the either? Or is it voting, say Libertarian, or Socialist? There is of course, no “Independent” party for whom to vote. So I’m always puzzled by folks who don’t like the D or R in a given race, and so will “vote independent.” What does it mean?

  • Adam and Steve

    Kaine ain’t Able.

  • Liberal and proud of it!

    FUCK HIM! He’s a douche who is representative of everything wrong with America! Not just his appalling record on LGBT equality but also his support for the criminal banking industry and the thugs who gutted Glass-Steagall all in the name of deregulation

    There is a SECOND choice, his name is Tom Perriello. If enough people convince him to run he could upset the poliltical establishment, ignite the liberal base in VA and win. Btw, this is a man who represented the most conservative district in VA and won as an unabashed progressive. He supports our values and can win in VA!

  • The sane Francis

    The bottom line is, this will hurt Kaine to some extent but not enough for him to lose. George Allen is probably unelectable against Kaine, and with his macaca blunder and the noose situation, should be completely unelectable but there are a lot of good ole boys here. I wish Perriello would win the Dem nomination, but he would have a harder time in the overall election with Allen. Virginia is basically NOVA, Richmond, and then conservative wasteland everywhere else.

  • FWIW

    I’m not sure I see the difficulty of interpretation.

    What Kaine is saying is that Virginia law does not provide for joint or second-parent adoption by unmarried couples. He openly supported this restriction when he was running for governor, but now he appears to be dodging the question. In any case, the proposed regulations don’t affect that: they can’t.

    On the other hand, there is also individual adoption (which is generally how same-sex couples raise adopted children in states like Virginia that don’t recognize two unmarried adoptive parents.) I don’t think Virginia has any law like the one just struck down in Arkansas that prohibits individual adoption by people cohabitating with others, and I’m not aware of any statement from Tim Kaine indicating that he opposes adoption by single individuals. The proposed regulation would stop adoption agencies from discriminating against gay people in arranging adoptions. It has nothing per se to do with the question of whether an unmarried couple can adopt, as a couple.

  • John K.

    I’d rather see a Republican, thank you. Easier to replace with a real democrat next time around.

  • Joe Mustich, CT Justice of the Pecae


    The marriage cops need to retire and just go play bingo…

    Marriage is firstly a civil and contractual matter in America.
    Period. Case closed.

    Onward to full marriage equality rights now…

    Cheers, Joe Mustich, CT JOP, USA.

  • reason

    Kaine may help the president get elected if he is on the ticket which is good for the gay community in a number of ways. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture, socially conservative democrats (I think minus 1) cast their ballot to end dadt when it came to the wire. I don’t think doma or edna would be any different. Second, Kaine has his on eye on the bigger picture which is 2016 where there is a strong possibility that he will seek the presidency. The only reason he left the DNC is because he felt he could help the president get re-elected, if his senate bid doesn’t make it he will end up in a white house position which would have been the outcome if he stayed at the DNC and the president won. I think you will see that if Kaine makes it into the senate, or the president gets re-elected his views on gblt issues will began to change rapidly. If the president gets four more years, I believe you will see that he crafts a party where it is flat out unacceptable to oppose full equality of GBLT people. The nation is becoming more diverse, and like a lot of studies support, people are a lot more accepting of GBLT at racially diverse high schools (hence it boost support across the spectrum). More youth are coming of voting age every year that are swelling the democratic rolls, it will be a brighter future for our community. The days of bigotry being a route to power is coming to an end, and the GOP’s days will come to an end along with it if they do not change course.

  • justiceontherocks

    @reason: Another moronic and over-long post from you. You have no clue who is running against Obama yet you already know he’s best for “the gays.” Ridiculous. Obama will never “buy the cow” if you knuckleheads keep giving him the milk for free. As for Kaine, he was a very unpopular governor with very low approval ratings. If anything, Obama might bail Kaine out.

  • reason

    @justiceontherocks: If you don’t like my post don’t read them, or do you just enjoy being a classless oaf? Your post are nothing but insults with no rebuttal, if you are enjoying one of the republicans in the field feel free to vote for them. Most people that are moderately engaged in politics are aware that the GOP’s platform is anti-gay. They had anti-gay riders that they tried to attach to the budget, but maybe you enjoy that sort of thing. Indulge…

  • PersonOfInterest

    I have to agree with Justice on this one. Not that a Republican president would enthusiastically go to bat for the rights of gays, but friend Obama, despite his “evolving” opinion of us, will only show any degree of support if he’s in desperate need of votes. It’s no secret that Obama not be likin’ him no ‘mos.

  • robert in NYC

    Why doesn’t this scumbag join the GOP, in fact all of those blue-dog democrats? This piece of shit solicited a donation from me during the 2008 campaign. I returned it telling him and the DNC to fuck off. He’s been a fervent supporter of banning same-sex marriage. What a fucktard!

  • Gay Republican

    Kaine is a DEMOCRAT!!! You must vote for him, you sheep!!!

  • Jeffree

    @Reason: It’s in our best interest for there to be a viable Republican candidate for Pres. One who’s a fiscal conservative & a social moderate would mean that the Dems have to do more than they’re doing on the economy & LGBT equality.

    If the Reps just showboat with someone who has no real chance of winning [Romney? Bachmann? Huckabee?] then the Dems can just keep on keeping on without having to do anything more progressive than we’re getting.

    JusticeOTR was not going all CPAC on here; he seems to have a more informed & realistic view on politics than you’re able to muster up.

    [and, yes, I know I’ve said this on other threads here]

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