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Tim Scott offers his hot take on the Jan 6 hearings and we’re all a little dumber now

A sitting U.S. senator may seem like the perfect news guest to discuss the House select committee’s public hearings on Jan. 6, but Tim Scott is here to show otherwise.

The antigay GOP senator from South Carolina stopped by Fox News to offer his hot take, and under a chyron reading “Capitol riot probe: election officials testify before House committee,” he admitted he hasn’t actually seen any of the hearings.

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“I want to ask you about the January 6th hearing,” began host Bret Baier. “It’s obviously ongoing, and they’re methodically laying out this case, primarily aimed at former President Trump and his efforts to overturn the election. This, specifically today, about talking to state authorities about putting in different electors and decertifying elections in different states. Have you learned anything new? Number one. Is it troubling to you? Number 2. And can you support Donald Trump if he runs for president in 2024?”

“Well Bret, I have not taken the time to watch the hearings,” Scott responded before adding, “I think if Trump is the nominee, of course we support him.”

Scott said he’s been too busy “fighting inflation” to catch any of the hearings, but nobody seems to know what that actually means.

Here’s how folks are reacting: