Tim Tebow Won’t Be Dropping Trou’ In His Super Bowl Ad For Jockey Underwear


Enjoy the above ad, because you won’t see this much skin when Tim Tebow’s commercial for Jockey underwear debuts during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Media outlets are reporting that the Broncos’ devout quarterback got the company to agree to show him in just his jeans and a T-shirt in the spot.  Well, we hope it’s at least a Jockey tee.

Despite not taking his team to the Super Bowl Tebow is still red-hot in the eyes of marketers, so it probably wasn’t that hard for him to leverage this strange request. We guess he thinks it would be immodest to be seen in his underwear, or maybe it would stir the lustful urges of viewers? But an underwear shot doesn’t have to be hypersexual—look at Michael Jordan’s spots for Jockey from a few years ago. They were cute, not salacious.

More importantly, though, isn’t Tebow kind of crapping on the whole modesty thing by allowing himself to be deified by the press, his fans and major corporations? Oh yeah, he’s really doing it for the glory of God so its okay.

We’re pretty sure that’s the excuse Newt Gingrich used when he cheated on Wife #2.

Photo: Jockey