Tim Tebow Won’t Be Dropping Trou’ In His Super Bowl Ad For Jockey Underwear


Enjoy the above ad, because you won’t see this much skin when Tim Tebow’s commercial for Jockey underwear debuts during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Media outlets are reporting that the Broncos’ devout quarterback got the company to agree to show him in just his jeans and a T-shirt in the spot.  Well, we hope it’s at least a Jockey tee.

Despite not taking his team to the Super Bowl Tebow is still red-hot in the eyes of marketers, so it probably wasn’t that hard for him to leverage this strange request. We guess he thinks it would be immodest to be seen in his underwear, or maybe it would stir the lustful urges of viewers? But an underwear shot doesn’t have to be hypersexual—look at Michael Jordan’s spots for Jockey from a few years ago. They were cute, not salacious.

More importantly, though, isn’t Tebow kind of crapping on the whole modesty thing by allowing himself to be deified by the press, his fans and major corporations? Oh yeah, he’s really doing it for the glory of God so its okay.

We’re pretty sure that’s the excuse Newt Gingrich used when he cheated on Wife #2.

Photo: Jockey


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  • Chris Lines


  • Libertarian Larry

    Wow, the love-hate relationship Queerty has with Tebow is so entertaining to watch unfold. You want to fuck him, but you hate him for being religious, but you really really want to see him naked, but you’re angry that his religious beliefs won’t allow that, but he’s so good-looking you can’t leave him alone, but he doesn’t jump up and down in front of cameras shouting “It gets better!” so you hate him. Tellingly, the author even managed to slam Tebow, God, and Newt Gingrich in one sentence. Obsession says a whole lot more about the obsessor than it does about the obsessee, Mr. Avery.

  • MikeE

    @Libertarian Larry: funny, it didn’t stop you from commenting. do you have a love/hate relationship with Queerty?

  • Marie Cohn

    Tim, anxious, in the ad agency meetings: “What can we do so the fags won’t be lookin’ at me?”

  • Libertarian Larry

    @MikeE: Strangely enough, I believe I do. Something akin to a masochistic love affair.

  • Lady Haha

    He did a photo shoot when he was still at U of F where he stripped to his undies. His package didn’t look especially sizable, but then he could be a grower, not a shower.

  • Oh, ok.

    Another white homophobe gets a pass. So shocking.

  • JayKay

    So much liberal tolerance…

  • Wingfield

    Maybe I missed an incriminating interview but why is this guy a homophobe? Yes he is WAY over-zealous about his praying and religion but I havn’t seen anything that labels him a homophobe.

  • Friend of Christie

    @Wingfield: You missed nothing but the Left’s insatiable drive to demean a Christian. Is Tebow anti-gay? No one knows, but Queerty doesn’t care—he’s straight and religious and hot and doesn’t pander to us, so he is by definition the epitome of evil. Need proof? Peruse this site and look at any comment about Tebow and how horrible he is (mostly for not being gay and not lusting after us).

  • Patsy Stoned

    My, my, the GOProud Marys are out in force. As far as the overrated Tebow, any friend of Focus on the Family is no friend of mine. Religious is one thing – cuddling up to an extremist, hateful, anti-gay batch of assholes is quite another.

    And for the record I don’t “lust” after Tebow at all. Great from the neck down, but honey, he’s a paperbag Princess if ever there was one.

  • the other Greg

    @Friend of Christie: Actually, there have been plenty of posts here about the evidence that Tebow is indeed gay and closeted. Try to keep up.

  • Friend of Christie

    @the other Greg: Actually, I do keep up, but I also have this ridiculously logical tendency to separate evidence from rumor, and everything I’ve ever read on this site has been nothing short of malicious, baseless rumor. For “evidence” you need to show me a photograph or an admission on Tebow’s part—until then, it’s all just wishful thinking.

    Odd how the gay community never takes swipes at ugly people. Or is it telling?

  • Caliban

    @Friend of Christie: I’m just as demanding of proof as you are for evidence to back up claims that such-and-such an actor or athlete is gay. For instance I’ve seen nothing but unsubstantiated rumors about Tom Cruise despite the fact that “everybody knows” he’s gay.

    But there is footage of Tim Tebow speaking at a press conference in a manner that hasn’t been since Liberace’s last surprise party, not to mention kissing other male players on the lips, which is at the very least unusual.

    So there is some basis for speculation about Tim Tebow’s sexuality and, unlike you, I don’t believe that wondering if someone is gay “DEMEANS” them or a “swipe” at them. Demeaning? F*ck you! As several people have said about the “anti-gay bullying at Christian colleges” story, kids raised in Evangelical households such as Tim Tebow’s tend to deny their sexuality for longer because they are surrounded with anti-gay messages. Do I think Tim Tebow is gay? I don’t know if he is or not. But the question itself isn’t slurring his masculinity or his religious faith. Considering entire media empires have been built on speculation whether this or that actor or athlete, male or female, is on drugs, cheating on their spouse, pregnant, has an eating disorder, and/or gay, claiming that someone is off-limits due their ostentatious religious displays is bullshit.

  • Danny

    Well Jesus had boyfriends – John and the man from Jericho. So no surprise this guy loves Jesus.

  • Friend of Christie

    @Caliban: Dude, I’m not looking to pick a fight with you, but you pretty much substantiated my claim by qualifying Tebow’s “Liberace-like behavior” as “evidence”. Many, many heterosexual men have jazz hands, OK? It’s by no means proof of one’s sexuality. It’s like saying all straight-acting gay men are closeted heterosexuals.

    And let’s be honest: When gays adopt a public figure as one of our own, it always, always comes back to bite us in the ass. You made the perfect example with Tom Cruise, the twice-married father who gays are convinced is one of us. I’m happy to embrace a Neil Patrick Harris or any other public figure who’s comfortable with their sexuality, but I won’t be one of the accusers who wants to out everybody, facts be damned.

  • jason

    This is really strange. Isn’t the ad supposed to be about underwear? The way it is now, it’s like advertising oranges but only showing the top part where the stalk attaches.

  • CaliberGuy

    I could give a shit about Tebow, personally what annoys me about him is the over the top public spectacle he makes out of praying (and his faith in general) which is something that is supposed to be a private not public act.(the bible nicely reminds one of that one) Not to mention that not only dose he make something that is supposed to be a private moment a public one he makes a damning spectacle out of it too!

    Not to mention that he prays to win this game or that, or to make this play or that, it’s like he feels that not only is God souly their to fulfill his whims when it comes to a game, but that their is nothing more important and deserving of his prayer then a game! To me their a a big difference between praying to have the strength to get threw a life hardship (the loss or illness of a loved one or say depression etc) and a game, even though both involve you directly the latter is souly for personal gain and glory, while the other is for increased strength to make it threw to another day.(so that you can continue to be there for those that you love and that need you)

  • nikko

    @CaliberGuy: Very well said, CaliberGuy. Jesus condemned the religious men of his day(Pharisees, Sadducees,etc.) for showy public prayers and such tacky spectacles. The louder the christian, the phonier is their faith, and they stand in danger of being spit out of god’s mouth on judgement day: “Away from me, I never knew you!”

  • christopher di spirito

    Tim Tebow is so hot. It’s a damned shame he’s a far-right, Christian loon. It’s kinda’ like seeing a hot guy from across the room but on closer examination, you discover he smokes, has bad teeth and stank breath. Just ruins the fantasy.

  • Tea & A

    Now if only we can keep those damn Muslims from dropping towels on the floor in public places and praying on them. Or those pretentious Jews who wear their silly little round hats. Or those pesky old Catholic women who cross themselves in public—how dare they! Damn nuisances.

    It’s called religious freedom, folks, and believe it or not it’s the principle our country was founded on. You remember, the pilgrims and all that . . .

    What’s funny is the people on this site like to fancy themselves as the most tolerant people on the planet . . . until something like this proves how amusingly INtolerant they truly are.

  • Danny

    Putting on tight shiny pants and tackling other sweaty dudes… uh huh… that’s third only to wrestling and ultimate fighting for being highly homosexual.

    Masculine gay guys have a tougher time coming out since they can more easily default to concealing it from others.

  • Jaroslaw

    I honestly don’t follow this stuff, but I do respect the broadcasters in my area and they seem to think the media is taking the praying etc. way out of proportion. Giving it too much attention. Is it at least possible that is all it is?

  • Mike

    @Lady Haha: I think this is exactly why he doesn’t do underwear ads. Not any Jesus stuff.

  • Mike

    Or I should say why he doesn’t do underwear ads in his underwear.

  • Travis Jones

    I’m a little confused, why are obvious right wing gay-bashers commenting on posts on a websight called “queerty” – go comment on FOX NEWS?

  • damon459

    who cares?

  • skzip888

    I like playing “corrupt the religious” as much as anybody else, but aren’t there queer-friendly slabs of celebrity beefcake out there far more deserving of our money and attention?

  • D P

    @Caliban: I have to say that I like the comments you make, as well as @CaliberGuy . What comes to my mind is WHEN IS THIS GUY GOING TO COME OUT? I’m getting the impression that he’s trying hard to exhibit that he’s straight and religious by over-emphasizing his straightness by hating on the gay community, and over-emphasizing his spirituality by demonstrating his supplication to God before the masses. And, this dork didn’t come to my attention until the discussion about his Focus on the Family involvement came about. You’ve heard the expression, “Me thinks the man doth protest too much”? So along that line of thinking, I considered that either he’s trying to hide something by being what he’s not: a butch hetero jock; or he’s seriously a hater of homosexuality. The latter would cause him to automatically be my enemy. And then to top that off, I stumbled upon the video in YouTube of him kissing Demaryius Thomas on the lips. REALLY?! Was that to demonstrate his butch heterosexuality and that he’s so comfortably secure in that sexuality that he can do that in front of everybody? Or was that a slip, so everyone could see the man behind the curtain? And too, I last stumbled upon another YouTube video of the interview with Tebow limp-wristing and lisping before the reporters his commentary about I-don’t-know-what.

    As a gay man now embracing who I am, I experienced both situations myself. I remember what it was like being terrified of anyone finding out who I was, so I too put on airs about my spirituality, and exaggerated a false heterosexuality by looking at females and even commenting about them around my military buddies. Yet, even then would flashes of the true me manifest itself spontaneously, and I would be the last to realize it. Others around me would see it, though. That’s what I think we’re seeing from little Missus Tim Tebow. And, yes, he is an attractive man. Who wouldn’t want to sample that? Except for the possibility that he’s a hater, I would like to sample some gay Tebow too.

  • D P

    @Caliban: Incidentally, Caliban, that previous two paragraph reply wasn’t intended to solely respond to your commentary. I was trying to respond to several other posters of comments on this article, and tend to change my focus a lot.

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