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Tim Tebow’s Post-Focus On The Family Endorsement: Jockey Underwear

Tim Tebow, the Heisman Trophy-winning Denver Broncos quarterback who starred in Focus On The Family’s Super Bowl ad, has signed an endorsement deal with Jockey, maker of boring albeit classic underwear.

Don’t worry, gays: It’ll be kosher to check out Tebow’s package in the new catalog ads, so long as your cash actually goes to Baskit or Andrew Christian.

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  • InlandEmpire

    Lucky I stop wearing Jockey a long time ago!


    Are the briefs going to be emblished with the bible verses Teblows loves to spout???

    Memo to Jockey: First rule of endorsment: Don’t sign someone to endorse your product who already has a bunch ‘o baggage attached

  • menlo

    Now this is something we can all “support”.

  • DR

    Jockey prides itself as the “all-American” underwear company. This isn’t news or surprising. It’s not like it’s Undergear for crying out loud…

  • Rick Brannon

    Tebow lives down the street from me.

    He runs shirtless in Confluence Park in Denver.

    I am formulating a plan of capture.


    @Rick Brannon: Place a trail of pages ripped out of a bible leading to your door……. :-p

  • Bill

    Nothing says ‘I Love Jesus’ more than presenting your cock bulge for all the world to see for millions of dollars.

    What would Jesus do?

  • Wes

    I feel so sorry for Tebow. No grown male should have to wear underwear meant for a prepubescent boy. I hope his package can stand the torture.

  • Devon


    I get the feeling Tebow’s package will feel right at home in underwear meant for a 9 year-old…

  • A.G.

    This is interesting.

    During his 2008 spring break missionary trip to the Philippines, Tebow circumcised the “poor” Filipino boys in Minanao.

    According to fellow Florida grad and aspiring physician, Richard Moleno, “You could see he was really into it.”

    So, now he’s endorsing tightie whities.

  • McMike

    I never gave Tebow’s sexual orientation one though until I read an article where he stated he wasn’t dating women because of his “morals”. It’s was a huge sign of a closet door since the Bible doesn’t state a man must stop dating women in order to have good morals.

  • Fitz

    @McMike: Really? I question the sexuality of anyone who opposes gay marriage with any vehemence. It’s almost always just a matter of time until they get caught in a bathroom stall, or on a vacation with an escort, or snorting Tina with their “massage therapist”.

  • AFV007

    Memo to Jockey: First rule of endorsment: Don’t sign someone to endorse your product who has nothing to accentuate it. What a dickless guy.

  • D P

    @McMike: Right! And as one who once considered joining the priesthood but came to my senses, even *I* tried to hide from scrutiny by hiding behind spirituality. That was the EASIEST and most likely decoy I knew to use.


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