Identity crisis

Is it time to abandon the top and bottom labels once and for all?

For years, gay men have tried cracking the code for how to determine whether someone is a top or a bottom. Some have suggested climate plays a role in a person’s preferred position. Others say it has to do with how a guy dances. And others say it can be figured out by observing a man’s facial cues and bone structure.

Now, U.K. photographer and creative designer William Baker is saying enough is enough! He is so over this preoccupation with who is the top and who is the bottom, particularly when it comes to dating apps.

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“I just have this thing about labels, I just think they’re so bad,” Baker tells The Gay UK. “It’s like this whole top and bottom thing–who the f*ck?–it drives me mad!”

Baker goes on to say that when it comes to dating and sexual role preference, which partner is penetrated or and which does the penetrating “surely just depends” on the situation and the people involved.

Baker, who is BFFs with Kylie Minogue, is currently promoting his new coffee table book, Book of Igor, which features images of 20-year-old Latvian model Igor Stepanov taken over the course of 18 months and explores the beauty of youth. He says he would much rather talk about that than random guys’ preferred sexual positions.

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What do you think? Is it time we abandoned the top/bottom label system once and for all? Share you thoughts in the comments section below…