That time ‘Bridgerton’s’ Jonathan Bailey took his modesty thong out for a public spin

In what sounds like a bit of saucy gossip from Lady Whistledown’s latest newsletter, it’s been revealed that Jonathan Bailey held onto a special little (emphasis on the word “little”) souvenir from the set of Bridgerton‘s second season.

When it was announced that the hunky gay actor would be stepping into the spotlight for season two of Netflix‘s romantic regency drama—based on author Julia Quinn’s novels of the same name—fans were excited to see a lot more of the sexy, brooding Viscount Anthony Bridgerton.

But where the first season was full of sex scenes and bodily fluids, the second go-around was surprisingly more restrained, largely focusing on Anthony’s will-they-won’t-they dalliances with the gorgeous Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley).

Of course, there’s at least one notable scene where Bailey shows some skin, one that quickly took on a life of its own when it was shared across social media. What can we say, the man looks good in a bathtub!

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the star recalls feeling a “bit embarrassed” while filming the steamy scene in nothing but a modesty thong—a.k.a. the barely-there, skin-toned undergarment used to contain an actor’s junk during nude scenes.

“There was actually a camera in the water between my legs looking back at me,” Bailey shared. “So it was almost like a water birth. And I remember afterwards, I was so appalled at myself over the day that we had experienced and so confused, because you can’t really explain it to anyone.”

Despite his self-consciousness—or, perhaps, because of it—the actor forgot to change out of the thong when filming wrapped. Afterwards, he decided to toast a stressful day of work with his mates at a local pub, and that’s when the pain started:

“When I got up to get the second round, I was like, ‘I’m chafing a bit,'” Bailey revealed. (Been there.) “And I realized I still had my modesty thong on, because I was so traumatized and I ran so quickly from set that I hadn’t even taken off my little pouch. I still have it to this day.”

Wait a minute, he still has it?

We have to wonder, does Jonathan Bailey have this very special Bridgerton keepsake on a shelf like a trophy? Or maybe he takes it out for a spin from time to time! Could he have been wearing his modesty thong while filming his guest judge spot on Drag Race UK? Could he be wearing it now?


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Oh, heavens, the mind wanders! In any event, Bailey and his co-star Ashley have both signed on to return for Bridgerton‘s third season, which is set to go into production this year, so stay tuned for more longing glances, more string covers of pop songs, and—we hope—more modesty thongs!