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That time Darren Criss “put his head inside the mouth” of a gay adult film star

Anything can happen in showbiz — one moment you’re passing out programs in the aisle, and the next — BAM — you’re starring in your own one-woman show about the Cuban Missile Crisis. Maybe you call it Cuban Mrs. Crisis and you tell the whole story from the perspective of Jackie Kennedy. Just throwing out ideas here, take ’em or leave ’em. Just don’t forget to thank us in your Tony speech.

But back to the subject at hand: Darren Criss; wet slobbery kisses; porn star.

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Criss recently stopped by for a casual-just-between-us-squirrel-friends nationally televised chat with Conan O’Brien, where he left quite the impression by recounting a memorable experience while playing Hedwig in John Cameron Mitchell’s forever-classic Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

We could tell you the story, or you could just hit play and hear it from the source:

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  • BGinBigD

    I’m so in love with Darren Criss!!! Who ever the gal he is with, That is one lucky lady. Wishing him much happiness. Why can’t all straight guys be this cool??

    • enlightenone

      He’s “straight???” Okay…

    • Sluggo2007

      I seriously doubt he’s straight. He’s trying to build up his career as an actor. Sooner or later, he’ll come out. They all do. It’s not like the old days when you had to stay in the closet for life.

    • argleflarglebargle

      Yes, he is secretly gay… even though he became famous playing a gay character, then played a trans character and has been an open and proud ally, all things that have the same effect on a career as being gay… but he can’t come out as gay, even though most people will assume he’s gay because he played it on TV. People, if someone is actually a gay man then chances are they’re not going to play gay on TV while pretending to be straight, it’s not the best cover!

  • JackieOMG

    Anyone have any idea who the porn star is?

  • missuniverse

    He acts so Gay,,not sure if he is really straight.
    The “gay porn star story” sounds like fake news.

  • Sluggo2007

    He can put his head (the little one) in my mouth anytime!

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