Time Is Running Out for NJ Boy Who Asked Justin Bieber To The Prom


Back in June 2011, 16-year-old Leon Purvis posted a video on YouTube asking Justin Bieber to his junior prom. Now 10 months later he still has no response from The Biebs and his prom is little more than two months away. The video itself has collected a modest 140,000 views, but Purvis is stepping up his campaign as the date quickly approaches.

Talking to Digital Spy, Purvis says that the campaign is not just for his sake, but will give Bieber the opportunity to “take a break from his celebrity life”: “Justin Bieber won’t ever have a normal prom, so why not attend prom with me? I am fun to be around.”

His chances may be better than you might think—both Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake attended military balls last winter, after receiving similar online invitations from fans. Of course, those were from opposite-sex admirers.

Purvis’s reasons for wanting Bieber to attend his prom are still not fully clear: He claims he only wants Justin there as a “Bro” not as his date—and says “No, I am not gay” in his video—but then he uses unfortunate terminology like, “we can jerk together. Um, is he referring to the 1960s dance craze (we hope)?

Sadly Leon’s first choice, a girl from school he had a crush on, turned him down. So now he really needs the “Baby” singer to come through.

We don’t know what Leon’s true intentions are for the Beeb—or how Selina Gomez would feel about her man stepping out on her—but there’s no denying Purvis has pushed the issue of same-sex couples going to high-school proms to the forefront. He’s been interviewed by local newspapers, appeared on the local news in Philadelphia, was featured on MTV UK and was cited by both Perez Hilton and Ryan Seacrest. He has also a Facebook page to reach out to more people in the hopes that Justin hears about it and responds before time runs out.

We think poor Leon is going to have his heart broken in the end, though: Everyone knows Justin Bieber is a lesbian.

Photo: Heather Sokol

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  • Meowzer

    You know, I was supporting him right up the “No, I’m not gay” remark. If that’s the case, what’s the point. Why would Beebs what to attend a prom with a straight dude.
    Now, if Leon was GAY, I think it would be a great opportunity for Justin to reach out and attend the prom for an “it gets better” moment.
    To bad Leon, you almost had my sympathy.

  • Kyle

    @Meowzer: He’s gay. He came out when he said, “I’m not gay”

  • Christopher Banks

    Plus one to Kyle. I still don’t understand why the guy’s doing it, though. Is this a younger-generation thing? Fame at any cost via Youtube?

  • DouggSeven

    Regardless if he’s gay or straight – it’s a creepy request. So what this is saying is that if I make a youtube video begging a celebrity to a social function with me they should oblige? And if said celebrity doesn’t acknowledge it, maybe the media will pick up on it in an effort to slander the celebrity or portray them as less than human? This is not fair. I’m not a celebrity and even I wouldn’t respond back or pay mind to it…especially if I don’t know the guy.

  • wait what

    Let me guess, if Bieber doesn’t take him to prom he’ll be labeled as another homophobe. This is disrespectful to Bieber (to whom I have very little respect for, anyways).

  • Schlukitz


  • Kirby

    this kid is annoying as fuck

  • Oh, ok.

    You creepers are picking on a teen and you think he’s the one with problems? Wow.

  • D P

    @Meowzer: – Your comment made me go back to watch the whole video to see how Leon said the comment “No, I’m not gay.” It didn’t sound as if Leon was making a derogatory statement, merely being explicit about his orientation. Leon probably was just recognizing the probability that he would garner comments from his peers, especially if the Biebs accepted and brought the intense spotlight of media to this event.

    But, think about how cool this is, then: here’s Leon being completely open and honest about being a Bieber fan, and dismissing the machismo stereotypical attitude so prevalent in American society, and publicly inviting another guy? I think Leon needs to be applauded for doing this. Maybe our cause as a community wouldn’t be so difficult if more guys had this type of attitude and self-assurance.

  • Curtis

    I want him to go away.. right now.

  • Oh, ok.

    @D P: But he’s brown.

  • Curtis

    Please. Im already so tired of this.
    (I know how fucked up this is going to sound)
    We all just need to make him come out. In this case, he really is just begging for it anyway, (to come out, not a 9″ uc, you pervs.. although the latter most certainly applies as well).

  • Ok, ok

    @Curtis: Because it’s not at all creepy to be concerned with the sexuality of a teenage boy.

  • Curtis

    … wat?

  • CBRad

    I think it’s kind of funny and cool. And I don’t know if he’s gay or not but if he is, at his age, I don’t care if he doesn’t want to admit it. And, yes, it’s probably a little bit of a YouTube fame-seeking thing, but……so what? Kids are doing that all the time. And it WOULD be cool if Bieber showed up, but he probably won’t : only because celebrities just don’t have the time for every invitation to a prom, b-day party, etc. (I know there have been a few exceptions, but..)

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