Be gone

Is it time for the labels “top,” “bottom,” and “vers” to disappear forever?

Listen up, kids, it’s time for the labels “top,” “bottom,” and “vers” to disappear forever. Or so says queer performer Willy Hudson.

“We do need to reshape the way we think about sex,” Hudson tells Pink News.

“Top or bottom is something we all talk about and we all joke about but we don’t really challenge it and interrogate it, and think: Is this actually helpful for me?”

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Hudson is currently on tour in the UK with his show Bottom which is all about, well, bottoming. And topping. And deconstructing the labels gay guys use to identify themselves and others on apps like Grindr and in bars.

“There’s a whole world which is way more than just top, bottom, or vers,” he says. “Sex is about connection, it’s about vulnerability, it’s about intimacy.”


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