The time is now.

It’s time to retire the term “BBC” and stop fetishizing black men

Adult film star Max Konnor recently had an “honestly moment” with his 48,000 Twitter followers:

So far, the tweet has received over 70 comments, 125 retweets, and 730 likes. It’s also sparked quite a bit of dialogue.

Some agreed with Konnor’s point:

Others pushed back:

But this isn’t the first time adult film performers have raised issue with the fetishization of race within their industry.

Last November, performers Hugh Hunter, Dolf Dietrich, Sean Devran, and Armond Rizzo boycotted the GayVN Awards (a.k.a. the “Oscars of gay porn”) over the way the awards segregated performers of color from caucasians (i.e. an “Ethnic scene” as opposed to just a “scene,” or a “big black c*ck” as opposed just a “big c*ck”).

In a 2017 op-ed, Jeremy Helligar, author of the book Is It True What They Say About Black Men?, puts it best:

With the acronym for “big black”… – well, if you’ve read this far you probably get the XXX picture – I haven’t figured out if the gay white men who use it do so because it’s easier to write, or if it’s just too embarrassing to spell out “big black blank”. Whatever the reason, the implication is the same: I’m no longer a three-dimensional person. I am my big black blank.

Helligar continues:

[BBC] the new bane of my gay existence, and when I object to the racist objectification (because it’s basically saying that as a black man, that is my primary value), I ask them this: Would you want your sister to get involved with a guy who refers to her as “BB” for “big breasts”?

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