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  • Ogre Magi

    DAMN!!! That cover model has a beautiful ass!

  • jimmy

    buttastic…except the shoes


    This magazine is the best thing about going to American Apparel where I always know I can find it here in Palookaville (Vegas).

  • Nicholas

    I wish DC had BUTT gays. DC has Lady Gaga and Madonna fanatic gays. They’re just a little too queeny for my tastes. Other cities have BUTT gays. DC does not.

  • afrolito

    What exactly is a Butt gay? I live in New York, and the majority of the readership are hipster gays, who are hardly butch….whatever that even means.

    In any case, the quality of the zine has been slipping for a while, so I’m not really surprised by this sabbatical. They need a break to refocus.

  • Kieran

    Is that Buttwheat on the bicycle?

  • Saywhatnow

    @Nicholas: I grew up in DC. There are Butt gays. Check out Homosonic, Mixtape, Raw, Pink Socks and a million other Dance Parties. You’ll find them all there.

  • SG

    I agree w Afrolito–the quality has been slipping (tho I love the Kele cover and interview). But then again it was such a great magazine that that was bound to happen. The low point was the piece on the Marc Jacobs husband, which felt like he played them to get street cred while he was simultaneously blabbling to New York magazine. And that they did it for advertising. I guess it’s hard to stay special forever.

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