Time To Work On Your Winter Abs

Flabulous or abulous, which will you be? Some only worry about their abdominals as summer draws neigh; the rest can proudly lift their Roberto Cavalli astrakhan coats in a numbing cold wave to reveal abs so hot one wants to cling to them for warmth.

Drool Now

Peter Francis, Ph.D. of San Diego State University studied abdominal exercises to learn which are most effective. Queerty applauds his use of electromyography equipment to see how subjets’ rectus abdominus were responding to various exercises though we don’t know anybody who has achieved a killer six-pack with electromyography equipment alone.

Developing a wide-ranging repertoire of ab exercises and going for the burn on every set, by contrast, in combination with a correct diet will do the trick every time. Having an organized program with set goals can be a help; sixpacknow.com can give you a great assist. Even the Ladies’ Home Journal provides useful information on abs training to help you recover from their recipe for dark cocoa buttermilk cake with cocoa mascarpone frosting.