‘Times’ Journo Takes On ‘Post’ And Gay Semantics

The New York Post got itself a new gay nemesis over the weekend. NY Times‘ perfume critic Chandler Burr doesn’t take too kindly to the tab-rag’s description of Out magazine.

In a blurb on Danny Fieldsfrivolous lawsuit against Out , Page Six describes the glossy as a “gay lifestyle mag”. Homo-journo Burr took offense and penned a note to the Posters. In his missive, Burr – whom the perpetually confused Post describes as “flamboyant” – writes,

Using the expression ‘gay lifestyle’ is not just idiotic, it’s empirically wrong. There is no ‘gay lifestyle.’ There’s homosexuality, the sexual orientation, and there’s heterosexuality, the sexual orientation. But ‘gay lifestyle’ is a purely political term with a purely political meaning, and it’s simply, factually inaccurate.

Burr’s right on the money with this one, although it’s difficult to think of another word to describe the homo-monthly. Even Out EIC Aaron Hicklin struggles with the semantics of it all. When asked by Page Six how he feels about the description, he says, “Out is a lifestyle magazine in the same way that Vanity Fair or GQ are lifestyle magazines, in our case with a gay readership.” The lifestyle ain’t gay, it’s simply the magazine’s genre.

One wonders, however, if there’s even use for the word “lifestyle”. Maybe it can just be called a gay magazine…