Betrayed by the UK

Time’s Running out to Stop Deportation of Edson Cosmas Back to Certain Doom in Tanzania

Yesterday we brought you the story of Edson Cosmas, a Tanzanian man who petitioned England for asylum, only to be rejected on some vague technicalities. Now, the Home Office is set to deport Cosmas back to his country of origin, where a Pew survey showed that 95 percent of the population feel that homosexuality should be rejected and gays face decades in prison.

Activists have sprung into action around Cosmas’ case, but can they save him in time?

Here’s some contact info for consulates and embassies, a petition, and a Facebook group and another Facebook group. Will any of these things have any impact? It’s hard to say.

In the case of Henry Velandia and Josh Vandiver in the United States, it seemed like the most effective strategy was getting politicians involved, but so far, Cosmas doesn’t seem to have any advocate in the government.