Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, Creator Of The Black List, Is Already Shooting Queer Doc The LGBTQQA List

In addition to portraits of famous people, noted photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders (right) has created several documentaries about minority groups,—including The Black List, which featured candid interviews with prominent African-American figures, and The Latino List, which did the same for the Hispanic community.

Now Greenfield-Sanders tells Queerty he’s already in the process of creating a third minority doc about the gays.

“I’m thinking of calling it The LGBTQQA List,” he told us at Sundance. “That’s LGBT, plus queer, questioning, and allies.” He’s working with Sam McConnell, as he did on the previous Lists, and expects it to be ready for premieres during Pride Month 2013. Greenfield-Sanders said he’d consider submitting it to Sundance next January if it’s ready.

So far, Greenfield-Sanders has done on-camera interviews with Ellen DeGeneres, Dustin Lance Black, Scissor Sisters front man Jake Shears, trans writer Janet Mock (at left) and has gotten the project greenlighted at HBO.

Did the network approve the doc’s clunky name? “Yeah, they liked it!” he said.

We’re still hoping they’ll just change it to The Gay List or The Queer List.

We also talked to Greenfield-Sanders about a range of other topics, including changing perceptions of beauty over the past decades and his latest documentary, About Face, in the video interview below.

Here’s what he had to say about Calvin Klein, whom he interviewed for the doc:

“He was pivotal in a big change. In the old days, runway was one thing, and editorial was another. And they never, ever combined… On the runway, they wore the clothes. Editorial was more about faces. Calvin was the first to understand that those faces were famous, so he put them on the runway, whether they fit the clothes perfectly or not, it didn’t matter. They were going to get press. So he was very brilliant about that. It’s not in my film, but it’s something I thought was so interesting.”