Tina Fey Addresses Criticism That She Creates “Stereotypical” Gay Characters

tina-fey-reveals-pregnancy“I know people like Titus. If a person exists, it’s fair game. Titus makes Barbie clothes, for example, and that’s based on an old gay friend of mine who worked as a cater-waiter when he first moved to New York. He was too broke to go out, so he’d literally sit inside and sew Barbie clothes to kill time. I try to base everything in some kind of truth. I don’t worry about what the Internet says. Getting in trouble with the Internet is not real. The Internet is not a force you have to obey.”

Tina Fey, who tells The Advocate that her dream project is “a movie about Stonewall where I play all the people,” shortly before addressing criticism about Kimmy Schmidt’s character Titus being the stereotypical effeminate gay man.