Tinsel Trees


Any good queer has already put to bed his final Thanksgiving menu and has already begun planning the glittery and snow-covered extravaganza of Christmas! And if you are not Christian, Christmas is still fun to celebrate. Think eggnog, presents, and snowman sweaters! These are things everyone should love.

In the past we have gone all out Martha at Christmas, putting out our Poinsettias, stringing pearls on our fresh tree, and roasting both a ham and a turkey. This year we are going modern and kitsch. And you should too.

The tinsel tree is a fun, fagtastic way to make any home a happy one for the holidays. You do not have to water them and if you hate the color green you are in luck! Tinsel trees come in the gayest colors: gold, silver, pink, baby blue, and orange!

Many kitsch specialty shops in your town will carry these guys. eBay also has a huge selection. Our pick is West Elm’s 5 foot silver tree. It is the perfect size and looks great with a color scheme of two or three colors. We’re doing pink and green. But really any color would work. These trees are so fabulous that even a colorblind queen could do no wrong.