Tiny Island Of Dominica Poised To Battle Big Problem: Homosexual Students

Petter St. Jean, education minister for Dominica, has declared war on the Caribbean nation’s apparent gay menace: In a statement, St. Jean announced that he’s enlisted the aid of the former headmaster of the Dominica Grammar School, Simeon Joseph, to spearhead the Child-Friendly Schools Programme, a school-system-wide taskforce to crack down on homosexuality and “other deviant behaviours.”

“I have instructed that additional people be brought in so that we have a team that can really go out there and face that problem head on. We must save the young people of Dominica,” St. Jean said.

Gosh, how inspiring—it’s just like hearing Churchill speechify.

Dominica, which is part of a string of islands in the Lesser Antilles between Martinique and Gaudeloupe, punishes acts of buggery with ten years in prison and psychiatric treatment. This past spring, two American men were arrested for having sex on the balcony of their cruise ship, which was docked in Dominica.

Omar Kuddos, an advocate for gay rights in the Caribbean, expressed alarm about the proposed campaign: “I am worried about the effects such a policy would have on anti-gay hate and bullying in the Island’s schools and the consequent effect on LGBT pupils’ self-esteem and well-being.”