Tis The Season To Get Pied

First Anna Wintour, now Patrick Guerriero. The president of the Log Cabin Republicans was just starting his National Coming Out Day speech at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill when a mysterious figure rushed the stage and threw a chocolate cream pie at him. Though he valiantly ducked and swerved, he took part of the pie in the kisser.

Patrick Guerriero

Poor Patrick has a tough time getting any support for Log Cabins. Studies have shown that by a margin of 99 to 1, gay people prefer living in a fabulous pied-a-terre anyway. One Democrat in L.A. sent Patrick an e-mail saying he is “just another self-hating faggot,” and then topped that with “You and people like you are the worst enemies of the gay community.” The charming Minister Fred Phelps once said that Patrick is a “faggot . . . worthy of the death penalty.” Phelps has also journeyed to Sweden to hunt down its King, in the belief that he supports homosexuality.

Observers of the 2006 Pride March in New York City might recall that when a few straggling Log Cabin types paraded by, proud as all get out of their Republicanism, they were booed as if they were Ashlee Simpson lip-synching. Now you can experience all the Republican fun for yourself at the LC website. It has a video corner and a photo of Dick Cheney, if not any convincing explanations of why a gay person in their right mind would want to be associated with the homophobic Republican so-called party.

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