TLA Markets Gay Films By Linking Them With Accused Molester Jerry Sandusky

Gay-owned video retailer has removed a tasteless web page (link NSFW) grouping gay-themed indies and art films under the banner “What Would Jerry Sandusky Watch”?

TLA editor Robby O. wrote:

You’d think that with coaching, his non-profit and taking all those long showers, Penn State’s Jerry Sandusky would not have a lot of free time. Oh contraire! He is a ferocious movie-goer with specialized tastes. We sat down with him (actually, we sent our 11-year-old nephew so he’d open up more) and asked him to name a few of his favorites… after all, he’s gonna have a lot of free time soon to watch them all again.

Mr. O included films with titles like Cold Showers, Punish Me and Schoolboy Crush—along with movies about child molestation, including Capturing the Friedmans and Happiness.

Hey, why not include Nightmare on Elm Street?

TLA later removed the page and offered an apology:

A few days ago we posted an article that caused distress among some customers. While clearly satirical in nature and not a “sales-driven” piece as some have suggested—over 1/3 of the films that were mentioned are out of print and not available to purchase, and all were legitimate art, foreign or independent works—it struck a nerve with some. As a gay-owned and operated business on the forefront of LGBT issues for over 30 years, we have always taken jabs at current events and pop culture.

But in this instance our sense of humor did not come through in the way that we intended, and for that we apologize.

Yes, it takes a sophisticated sense of satire to understand Mr. O’s humor.

It’s not enough that anti-gay nutjobs call gays pedophiles, now a company that caters to us has done so as well.