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TMZ WORLD TAKEOVER ALERT: The Gossip Gays Are Colluding!


If it’s not enough that gossip gay Harvey Levin — whose phone records are sexy — decides who will make it through Hollywood’s gossip mill unscathed, and who will have both legs amputated, he’s being joined by something of an East Coast equivalent: Former New York Daily News “Gatecrasher” columnist Ben Widdicombe.

After decamping from the newspaper’s gossip section for brighter days at Star magazine, Widdicombe is now said to be enjoying a trial stint at TMZ as the site’s executive editor, meaning Hollywood publicists will now have one of two homosexuals they can feed a juicier story to in the hopes of keeping their clients off the homepage.

From what Queerty‘s bossman tells us, Widdicombe is an ambitious Aussie, but that doesn’t necessarily make him cut out to be Harvey’s butt boy. Harvey, who this website actually LOVES because his work ethic is unmatched and he loves a scandal as much as we, demands his minions be at his beck and call day or night, rain or shine, mid-penetration or not.

Because if you’ve ever worked for Harvey, you will know that every underling is his butt boy. (Not in the sexual way. He’s married, after all.)