TN High School Principal Will Kick Your Butt If You Ask For A GSA

Last time we dropped by the Sequoyah High School in Tennessee, all the school’s teachers refused to sponsor a gay-straight alliance (GSA) and Principal Maurice Moser threatened to punish any student petitioning for or against one. Now Moser has reportedly assaulted senior student Chris Sigler for wearing a homemade T-shirt saying “GSA: We’ve Got Your Back.” Uh-oh…

A teacher had asked Sigler not to wear the shirt earlier in the week, but when he wore it to school again, Moser confronted him in an empty classroom, grabbed his arm, shoved him while asking, “Who’s the big man now?” and yelled in his face until Sigler’s mother arrived. The family has pressed charges with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, the ACLU is involved, and there’s even a petition asking the school fully and fairly investigate.

If Principal Moser did assault Sigler, we should at least thank Moser for giving his students an real-world education in free speech, civil rights, institutional discrimination and the judicial process. Maybe he’ll even teach them about high-profile lawsuits, job termination and public apologies. He and Florida teacher Jerry “shoot the gay soldiers” Buell deserve Educator of the Year awards… or something.

To commend Principal Moser for his work write him at [email protected] or call his office phone number at (423) 442-9230. Remember to be polite—no, really. Threats and insults will only worsen things.

Image via TPM