TN High School Principal Will Kick Your Butt If You Ask For A GSA

Last time we dropped by the Sequoyah High School in Tennessee, all the school’s teachers refused to sponsor a gay-straight alliance (GSA) and Principal Maurice Moser threatened to punish any student petitioning for or against one. Now Moser has reportedly assaulted senior student Chris Sigler for wearing a homemade T-shirt saying “GSA: We’ve Got Your Back.” Uh-oh…

A teacher had asked Sigler not to wear the shirt earlier in the week, but when he wore it to school again, Moser confronted him in an empty classroom, grabbed his arm, shoved him while asking, “Who’s the big man now?” and yelled in his face until Sigler’s mother arrived. The family has pressed charges with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, the ACLU is involved, and there’s even a petition asking the school fully and fairly investigate.

If Principal Moser did assault Sigler, we should at least thank Moser for giving his students an real-world education in free speech, civil rights, institutional discrimination and the judicial process. Maybe he’ll even teach them about high-profile lawsuits, job termination and public apologies. He and Florida teacher Jerry “shoot the gay soldiers” Buell deserve Educator of the Year awards… or something.

To commend Principal Moser for his work write him at [email protected] or call his office phone number at (423) 442-9230. Remember to be polite—no, really. Threats and insults will only worsen things.

Image via TPM

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    “Who’s the big man now?”

    Hopefully someone will be asking Moser that same question–in prison.

  • Little Kiwi

    where are the Dakota Ary defenders now, eh?

    the whole country was talking about the lying kid who spoke out in class, i hope the whole country talks about THIS>

    wow…. these kids deserve praise and respect. the adults involved? shameful.

  • Michael

    Fire the principal what a dumbass doing that to his own students.This pathetic macho mentality in our culture nowadays is just flat out stupid.Some idiots too afraid to cry or show their emotions some idiots too afraid to show affection for their male friends including hugging them .Some idiots too afraid and INSECURE to say the words I love to you to their friends.

    Kudos to that intelligent student its always refreshing to see that most of Americas youth are so much more intelligent insightful and tolerant then most of these so called ADULTS are nowadays.

  • the crustybastard

    FTFA: “Moser confronted him in an empty classroom,”

    Not from what I read. Sigler’s sister refused to vacate the classroom with the rest of the students as Moser ordered. She watched principal assault her brother.

    Area churches are already on board with Principal Moser. Now let’s watch the school board circle the wagons to protect him against all this horrible gay bullying.

    Speaking of gay bullying let’s give Maggie Gallagher’s sweaty bulk a moment to waddle up here and catch her breath. This sort of thing is Maggies’ new red meat…and gravy and french fries and candied yams and jello salad and ohmygosh forget my diet, I’ll just hafta have seconds and ZOMGZ!PIEZ!!!111!eleventy!!1

  • Cam

    So the Principal committed assault because a student wanted to have a club. That nut job should not be allowed near children.

  • Hyhybt

    Something just doesn’t feel right about this story. The progression of events just doesn’t make sense.

    Then again, of course many things that don’t make sense happen anyway.

    (And of course the pun on the shirt, while apparently intended as support (and very much in line with bumper stickers that say things like “soccer players do it for 90 minutes”) could easily be taken as derogatory.)

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    The principal is adamant that Gays will not be able to meet as an offical group at Sequoyah. I think its time for a lawsuit a day.

    1) Form a group called. “The Fellowship of Gay Affirming Christians”. Announce that if the school doesn’t allow them the same official status as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, that they will sue, claiming violation of religious speech. If no teacher will come forward to sponsor the group, argue that it is irrelevant as these students have the same rights to practice and promote Gay Affirming Christianity at school as the Fellowship of Christian Athletes does to practice and promote fundamentalism. The lack of a teacher sponsor is not a valid argument becuase that would mean that if a school only hires right wing evangelical teachers (as is most likely the case at Sequoyah), then they would be able to ban any equal protection of religious rights indefinately. File an injunction banning FCA or any evangelical Christian activities at Sequoyah (including specifically by the athletics department) during school, practice, or athletic events until Gay Affirming Christianity has a right to officially exist and be promoted at Sequoyah.

    2) File a complaint with the DOJ accusing discrimination in hiring by the Sequoyah High School. Demand to know why there are no teachers who are unwilling to sponsor the GSA.

    3) Sue each member of the school board personally as well as the school system.

    Its pointless to contact the Principal and the school board. Here’s a better idea. Contact one of the largest employers in Monroe County (home of Sequoyah High School) and ask them to publically condemn bullying and discrimination against Gays in Sequoyah schools.

    Large employers in Monroe County Tennessee include Lowe’s (which has a distribution center there). On the Monroe County economic development site, its the most prominent company listed. I suggest that someone reach out to their equality group and to politely request that Lowe’s take a public stand against bullying of Gay people and discrimination against Gay people in Monroe County Tennessee. I’ll write a nice note to Lowe’s Equality group, and cc the Monroe County Tennessee Economic Development Group. I’ll also politely let the businessmen in Monroe County that we will get the word out about Monroe County’s discriminatory practices so that future companies looking to invest in Monroe County are aware of the serious problems that exist in the school system.

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