TN High School: Pro-GSA T-Shirts? OK, Fine. An Actual GSA? Haha, No.

Thanks to a legal threat from the ACLU of Tennessee, the principal of Sequoyah High School can no longer beat you up, threaten you with expulsion, or otherwise stop you from wearing a T-shirt that supports the formation of a gay-straight alliance. Great.

Meanwhile, they can still tear up any GSA petitions they find and refuse to allow such a club to form without a faculty sponsor. A small victory for free-speech fashions.

May we suggest a “My High School is Run By Bigots” halter top?

Image via jglsongs

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  • the crustybastard

    Start an Arts Club. Start a Current Event Club. Start a Civil Rights Issues Club.

    Be creative. Beat them at their own game.

  • Carl

    @the crustybastard: The point is that they shouldn’t have to circumvent the system like that. Besides, any teacher with half a brain cell would see through the ploy. They should be able to form a GSA if they want to.

  • Tom in Lazybrook

    Actually, I think they should start a “Fellowship of Gay Supportive Christian Athletes”. File a lawsuit claiming establishment of religion when that group is banned while the anti-Gay Fellowship of Christian Athletes is allowed.

  • JM

    @Carl: Absolutely right! A GSA should not be this much of a deal.

    Unfortunately (or sometimes, fortunately), in most high schools no club is allowed to form (and use school $$) without a faculty member willing to supervise/advise/stifle. My suggestion: make one anyways, and call it the “TN-SHS” chapter of a state-wide GSA. Meetings could be held at a local coffee shop, with like-minded and likewise-aged members free to join from other schools. Build a fucking army. Or, more likely, meet a few people who know the pain and hardship being different can bring, and learn to be proud of yourself despite what others think. And learn that, whatever authority figures decree, sometimes you know better.

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