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TN House Candidate Ron Kirkland: Keep DADT Or the Gays Will Get Hazed

Sorry, Republican Tennessee congressional candidates Dr. Ron Kirkland and Randy Smith: What happens in Paris (Tennessee) does not stay in Paris (Tennessee). Like those comments you both made last week about gays in America’s military being “taken care of”? And not in the sexual sense, but in the gay bashing sense?

The two were asked about the potential repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy by members of the “Volunteers for Freedom” Tea Party group, who sponsored Thursday’s forum in Paris. The question, at one point, asserted that gays have an extremely medically destructive lifestyle and, because of that, a repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” would lead to the federal government spending more on health care costs.

Kirkland, of Jackson, referred to his Army training during the Vietnam War and said: “I can tell you if there were any homosexuals in that group, they were taken care of in ways I can’t describe to you.” Smith, a chef from Mercer who served in the Navy during the Gulf War, said: “I definitely wouldn’t want to share a shower with a homosexual. We took care of that kind of stuff, just like (Kirkland) said.”

Asked about his comment after the debate, Kirkland said, “It’s a joke.” He then explained why he thinks “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” exists and is still needed.

Afterward Smith told a reporter, the Jackson Sun reports, “he apologizes to those who took offense to his comment and that he has a gay daughter, but he maintained that he was ‘telling it how it is actually.’”

As for Kirkland? His camp says he won’t be apologizing. And while Kirkland remains a defender of DADT (“I don’t even like unisex bathrooms”), it’s not like he was encouraging violence against gays! He was just offering his forecast about what would happen if DADT was repealed; namely, openly gay soldiers would get hazed.

Which says less about what Kirkland thinks about gay people, and more about what he thinks about American soldiers. Namely, that they would all intentionally inflict harm on their comrades. (Not that Kirkland could provide a single example of anti-gay violence in the military during his years of service.)

Does hazing in the military exist? Sure. But here’s a military veteran recommending keeping a discriminatory policy in place because straight soldiers — trusted to hunt down terrorists, keep conflict areas peaceful, and maintain this nation’s security — cannot be trusted not to inflict harm on their own. Yeah, vote for THIS GUY.

[Jackson Sun, Tennessean]

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  • WalkderDC

    This is the same type of argument that they use in Saudi Arabia—–

    “The burka is to protect women, it keeps them from getting assaulted or raped” The argument of course is that if men can’t see what the women look like they won’t get excited and attack them. So in Saudi Arabia they are denying a segment of the population rights because it “Protects” then from another segment.

    So this Candidate is trying “Protect” gays by denying us our rights because it might cause others to harrass us?

    Well by that logic, should we deny women the right to marry because it could cause men to abuse them? Should we deny straight men the right to join the military because somebody might shoot at them? Should we deny minorties the right to work because somebody might discriniate? NO! You punish the people who COMMIT the bad behavior, you don’t punish people for being a target.

  • Tonic

    The gays were “taken care of in ways” he can’t describe? Is he admitting to assault and/or possibly murder? Do we want someone like him in Congress?

    If you want to leave some choice comments on his VOTE FOR KIRKLAND facebook page, here’s the link (you have to join it first, but then can leave comments):

  • Tangelo

    Actually, the Burqa protects Arabic men from the ghastly site of Arabic Women. :-) Why else would so many of them enjoy raping boys. They can’t stand the site of their women.

    So sad, after all these years, people think being gay means you are a physically weak member of the tribe. The ‘mos enlisting are not your fashionistas. Some of us are just regular guys.

    A few kids in Middle School back in the 80’s thought they would haze me. They never suspected that this nice boy who all the girls loved was capable of kicking the sh*t out out of them. No one could believe it and no one ever bothered me again.

    I would have made a fine officer. My Guidance Counselor saw it, the recruiters saw it, my career profile assessment saw it. This country was denied my service due to this stupid rule. The only people who have ever been uncomfortable with my being a mo were those who were uncomfortable with their own sexuality.


  • Wallace

    I think the only place this man has in congress is before a comity to find out what it is he cannot tell. He obviously has information on crimes committed that he is refusing to divulge. Isn’t that a crime. Plus, maybe he committed the crimes and should be prosecuted. We will only know if this is investigated the way it would be if it involved any other minority.

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