TN Principal Resigns After Telling Gay Students “You’re Going To Hell”

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Usually one of the key ingredients to being a top-notch douche is being impervious to criticism or consequences: The right-wing senator spewing hate to his like-minded constituents, the fundamentalist minister blathering on about “Adam and Steve” from his bully pulpit.

Well, today’s Douche of the Week might have thought she was invulnerable, but her hateful (and ultimately stupid) rhetoric cost her a job.

Principal Dorothy Bond of Haywood High School in Brownsville, TN, was addressing the student body earlier this month, when she suddenly went on a rant about certain members of the student body. “At first she was talking about PDA and [then] she turned around and she directly pointed to the gay people and said if you’re gay you’re going to hell and if you’re pregnant, your life is over,” Haywood student Amber Whittiemore told ABC 24.

It took a few weeks for the snit to hit the fan, so to speak, but yesterday Bond resigned from her position after pressure from the the ACLU, the Tennessee Equality Project and other groups.

“No school official should use her authority to make students feel unwelcome in their own school,” said Amanda Goad, staff attorney for the ACLU LGBT Project. “The public outcry over the reported actions by the former principal of Haywood High demonstrates that this kind of discrimination won’t be tolerated, from future principals at Haywood or any other school leader.”

According to the ACLU, Principal Bond reportedly said that gay people are “ruining their lives” and are “not on God’s path.”  She also allegedly threatened to administer “severe punishment—including 60-day suspensions, assignments to an alternative school or expulsion—to any students who were observed publicly displaying affection for members of the same sex.”

So, no cuddle puddle at Haywood High, huh?

A post on the ACLU blog explains that:

The incident appears to be part of a broader pattern of official anti-gay remarks and policies by the principal, and of incorporating prayers and proselytizing into school events. On one occasion, school officials scolded students who did not bow their heads in prayer and threatened them with discipline. On another occasion, the principal told a lesbian student that she would go to “hell” because of her sexual orientation.

Bond hasn’t made a public comment about either her speech at the assembly or her resignation. Maybe she’s finally learned to keep her damn yap shut?

All together now: What a douche!

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  • mike

    I hope she is not able to get a job anywhere their is kids….then
    maybe she will think before she opens her big mouth……..

  • Isaac C

    What is it with these people…

  • codyj

    This is she can take over the role of ‘BEAULAH” in the 1950s tv show of the same name…lets see if she can do it better than veteran actor Louise Beavers (late)

  • KyleW

    This is such extreme behaviour for someone who has spent so long earning that position that I can’t help but wonder at her sanity. The thought that she might have harboured those thoughts for her entire career is intensely disturbing, and it makes one wonder what harm she has already done behaind the scenes with lower profile “guidance” or student interaction…

  • Kenover

    This is appalling conduct. The State of Tennessee should rescind her teaching license….permanently. Bigoted bitch!

  • axon

    @KyleW: I agree. You think she must have some severe personal problems, that she is a deeply unhappy person who can’t find balance within herself if she is not attacking other people. In that state of mind she cannot possibly hold such a position.

  • Cam

    Well, WE might be going to hell according to her…but SHE’s going to the unemployment line.

  • Kurtsa

    Wow, now that is quite a high level of unprofessional-ism. I am all for you having your beliefs, but they do not belong in the workplace to be used as a means to insult and degrade your student body.

  • John F

    Well I guess I will see her in hell as well! She will be opening the gates for me! ;)

  • TBF

    In Oakland, where I work, which is a stones throw from San Francisco, I go to a downtown gym with a number of straight, African American men and women, most of whom are deeply religious and further a vast number Of whom are bigoted against our community…they may be smart enough not to mimic this woman’s behavior in their workplace, but they think nothing of using terms such as “faggot” at the club ( Club One Oakland ), moreover they site the fact that Obama has yet to support gay marriage as his way of “silently” agreeing with their views / behavior. Black leaders ( politicians, preachers, etc. ) need to take a much more forceful stand against the hate that their community in particular has against gay men and women.

  • cwm

    school officials scolded students who did not bow their heads in prayer and threatened them with discipline

    Ms. Bond wasn’t acting alone. Who are these other “officials,” and will their reign of terror continue?

    They’ll be chastened by the principal’s fate–and be less public (and obnoxious) with their demands for religious observances as unwritten school policy–but only temporarily.

  • No11

    Dear Queerty,
    There is a difference between “you’re” and “your”. I appreciate your coverage of stories like this but where the heck is your copy editor?

    “At first she was talking about PDA and [then] she turned around and she directly pointed to the gay people and said if you’re gay you’re going to hell and if you’re pregnant, you’re life is over,” Heywood student Amber Whittiemore told ABC 24.

  • Isaac C

    @TBF: I agree but the blacks will never do it. It’s like they live on an entirely different planet from the rest of us. They have their own rules on sexuality, race, and everything else. Lots of denial and repression. Really, it’s very shocking if you study these people and what it means to be “black” for them in American Negro culture.

  • cwm

    @TBF: Not so “silent,” after his awful “God’s in the mix” remark.

    Why are so many LGBT liberals so certain Obama’s opposition to marriage equality is merely political calculation? It could be his sincere (and if so, sincerely idiotic) belief.

  • cwm

    hmmm, I think I ought to clarify my remark, before anyone assumes I’ve jumped on board (politically) with Isaac C

    I’m further left than most liberals: but agree with them on most issues.

    I voted for Obama. Primarily for its symbolic value, and as an alternative to McCain. But I wasn’t expecting much from him (and therefore, wasn’t disappointed).

  • Mr. Robertson

    @TBF: Hilarious. When a white religious person expresses hatred against gays, it’s because they’re religious. But when black religious people expresses hatred against gays, it always seems to be because it’s a black thing. Doesn’t that strike you as a funny double standard?

    (Oh, and before you even bother replying, Isaac: Fuck you.)

  • Isaac C

    @cwm: You could never rise to my level, politically or otherwise. Don’t kid yourself ;).

  • Oh, ok.

    @Isaac C: Rise to the ground? Ok, Bert.

  • the crustybastard

    @TBF: “a number of straight, African American men and women site [sic] the fact that Obama has yet to support gay marriage as his way of “silently” agreeing with their views”

    So do a number of bigoted Republicans.

  • Isaac C

    @the crustybastard: Are you saying there are no black republicans or blacks that didn’t vote for Obama? Wow, that’s pretty “racist.”

  • cwm


    Black leaders ( politicians, preachers, etc. ) need to take a much more forceful stand against the hate that their community in particular has against gay men and women

    Absolutely they should. And not only because many people are both black and LGBT.

    However I would hesitate to label homophobia as being distinctively a characteristic of any race. Most of America’s homophobes are white.

  • kendoll

    Look how fat she is. She be goin’ ta hell, the mighty slothful woman. Oh sinner! Fo da bible tell it, you do not be slothful fat ho’

  • Shannon1981

    People need to realize that yes, even in the south, not everyone is straight, white, male, and christian. This isn’t the 1950’s. If you choose to work in public education, you have to check your religious beliefs at the door.

    I know this because I come from a family of educators. I am also a gay atheist, while my mother and aunts are straight Christians who have their own brand of issues with homosexuals due to religious belief. But we agree to disagree and check any derogatory opinions at the door…or rather, I should say, I am a grown up now and that shit doesn’t fly with me and we’ve all learned to at least mildly get along and avoid the issues.

    However, despite their extremist opinions, my mom and aunts NEVER had an issue due to treating ANY student differently. My mom even signed a nomination form for a transgender homecoming nominee. Know why? Because they know better. No matter their private beliefs, they left that shit at home when it came to their careers. So, to that end…Ms.Bond and others need to realize that it can be done. We CAN coexist, regardless of difference of opinion. One fast track to the end of a career in education is to be an open bigot in the public school system. Too bad she couldn’t learn that sooner.

  • btseven

    what a stupid cunt..

  • mylife

    and, the 2 oppressed communities are at it again. blacks hate gays hate blacks hate gays. i am no longer interested in the two agreeing on anything. i have learned that this works both ways. gays are racist as hell-o. blacks are homophobic as hell-o.

  • Marc

    @Isaac C: As an African American, I don’t even know where to begin. Beyond your statement resembling that of a pseudo-scientific Klan pamphlet, it is outrageously offensive. “If you study these people…” Well thanks for calling us people! I’m not going to defend my community’s stance on homosexuality. I know it’s off base. As the entire country’s views on homosexuality. The African American community is a very religious community. The same that can be said for the AA community can be said for most communities that center around religion. But here’s a thought; maybe your generalizing statements are helping anything. You strike me as one of those people who will quickly point out how entirely different all black people are from the rest of the world, refer to blacks in derogatory terms, and in general…just being plain racist; yet when there is a story about someone being publicly racist toward the black community, you’re the FIRST to say “what’s the big deal, it’s not like racism exists anymore.”

  • Shannon1981

    @Isaac C: Ok, as you well know I’ve had my share of issues with my community’s issues on homosexuality…

    but you can’t paint all in a group, ever. You just can’t. Lots of us get stuck in the middle all the time. I, and many others, are both African American and LGBT. Many of us also happen to be non religious. Furthermore, black does not = homophobic. That is just like saying muslim = terrorist. It is simply untrue. Please open your eyes and realize that the Maggie Gallaghers and Tony Perkins of the world are just as big a problem, as are many others of many races. You gotta realize that race is not always the issue. In fact, it is usually just religion and pseudo morals and old fashioned, out dated ignorant ideology, regardless of race. That’s just the way it is. It isn’t skin color.

  • John

    I just took diversity training at my job. Here is one of the lessons from the course: In the workplace, it is sometimes necessary to limit those behaviors that are based on personal values. A person who believes some individuals don’t deserve respect, and can’t set aside that belief at work, will likely create unacceptable conflicts with coworkers.

  • Isaac C

    @Shannon1981: You’re right, Shannon. But do you do not agree that much of African American culture is homophobic? That’s really what I’m getting at – and it’s not something I just came up with. It’s been written about in ethnic studies and such.

    I think skin color is very much an issue when it comes to homophobia and the way blacks see themselves in relation to whites. There’s no point in denying it. It’s accurate that many blacks feel homosexuality is a “white thing” brought to them by their white oppressors to destroy the “black family.” And that is just the tip of the iceberg. You simply can’t remove the issue from its racial connection, so why ignore it just because it doesn’t apply to every black person?

  • Shannon1981

    @Isaac C: I attribute that to religion rather than skin color in and of itself, and its no secret, as Marc said upthread, that the AA community is deeply religious culturally, particularly in the south.

    But that is true of the south in general, and in backwards religious communities in general.

    My only point is that you need to realize where the homophobic ideologies come from…and it’s across the board. Religion, backwards “morals,”(I use the term loosely)and sheer ignorance. That’s it. That is what is at the root of all prejudice.

  • ChaseC1985

    @Cam: Nah. . . she is resigning her post knowing that she has enough years in the system to retire and draw her full pension.

  • Marc

    @Shannon1981: +++5, Spoken much more eloquently and calmly than I could.

  • Shannon1981

    @Marc: Thanks! The thing is, I am not gonna deny I have my issues with Christianity, religion in general, and the Black Church Culture. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. I was ostracized on a pretty serious level there myself, so I can’t deny my distaste for it.

    But to make blanket statements that reek of racism, generalizing, and just completely discounting the real root of our issues is to be just as irresponsible as the other side.

    Not all African Americans are Christian.
    Not all African American Christians are homophobes.
    Not all religious people in general are homophobes.
    so on and so forth, you get the idea.
    Making these generalizations as Isaac C did is dangerous, and I wanted to point that out to him, so that perhaps he might see what he was doing and why his comments were off base.

  • Marc

    @Shannon1981: I absolutely agree. Racism is not the cure for homophobia.

  • Oh, ok.

    @mylife: Soo are we black gays racist or homophobic?

    Is being gay whites only? Seems that way when people say blacks versus gays. The rest of us do not exist or matter. There’s also the sweeping “all blacks are homophobic” nonsense which is utter bullshit.

    Point black there’s a vocal minority of racist gay men causing a problem and making race an issue. Trying to spin it any other way is purposely ignoring it. How do I know this? They treat gay black people like we’re homophobic as a thin veil to hide their racism. How can gay black people be homophobic?

    Very few people actually speak up when they see other gay men being racist to gay men of color(by of color I mean non-white).

    This is not about homophobic black people versus gay people. This is about racist gay people versus gay people of color. That has always been what this is about.

    Their veil is pointing to random homophobic black people as if there aren’t 4 or more times as many homophobic white people considering white Americans outnumber black Americans by a vast majority.

    It’s time the rest of the gay people who claim they aren’t racist to speak up and say enough. Why allow them to keep making racial comments, insulting gay people of color, and belittling us as if we don’t matter?

    Lets see a united gay community before making claims about homophobic black people. When areas aren’t separated by color for gay people then we can worry about the rest. It’s utterly ridiculous to worry about homophobes when there’s racism within the so called gay community itself. When is that going to be addressed?

  • Isaac C

    @Shannon1981: Well, I don’t agree with you and I stand by the comments I made. We can agree to disagree.

  • NickM

    @ Oh,ok.

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. Racism or homophobia isn’t limited to people of one or another color. The fact that this bigot is black doesn’t make her automatically inclined to homophobia. The idiocy of those saying that black=homophobic is disgusting. Though the gay (male) population does seem to be easier to blame homophobia on race.

    White privilege still exists, and anyone denying it is oblivious to social issues in our nation.

    -A white male

  • Shannon1981

    @Isaac C: I think you disagree because you hold racist attitudes that you will not or cannot let go of.

  • Isaac C

    @Shannon1981: No, I disagree because of what I’ve already written. You say it’s because of religion while I (and many others) say it has very much to do with race and culture.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    @Isaac C: so, herr professor, you have isolated zis black-homophobia gene, no?

  • Oh, ok.

    @Isaac C: Actually most of us just laugh at you, troll. No one really cares what you have to say. Many people are just amusing themselves because we can see you have no life and nothing better to do than spam the comments of a random gay blog.

    This is what you did with your Friday, how pathetic.


    @Isaac C: You’re as ignorant as that woman. “The Blacks”? Fuck you too! You are both assholes.


    @Isaac C: I’m nominating you as next week’s Douche of the Week.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    so, some of black america says homosexuality is a white thing.

    black africa claims it’s a white man’s colonialist thing.
    the french call it the english vice.
    the english call it the french vice.
    communist ussr blamed it on a western capitalist bourgeois decadent thing.
    ancient rome dismissed it as a greek thing
    greeks blamed it on the persians.
    early christianity called it a pagan perversion.
    christondom blamed it on those exotic muslim sensualists.
    muslims blame it on those western kaffirs.

    …and all with the same amount of scientific and cultural accuracy.
    saner voices, as ever, are drowned out. but they exist — issac c is not among them.

    on a related note: why is issac c still here?

    loathed as i am to stifle debate, however, i feel we can’t learn anything more from you.

    in a spirit of open democracy i raise my hand to having you removed. you’ve delighted us long enough.

  • shaquandiniiqua

    Y’all are just proving how racist and Transphobic you are! A bunch of privileged white cis gay males slandering a colored woman in a position of power over your precious white can’t handle her sassiness. As a MAAB Trans womyn of color I see what you’re doing, trying to keep her down simply because of get skin color.

  • shaquandiniiqua

    Y’all are just proving how racist and Transphobic you are! A bunch of privileged white cis gay males slandering a colored woman in a position of power over your precious white can’t handle her sassiness. As a MAAB Trans womyn of color I see what you’re doing, trying to keep her down simply because of her skin color. I agree with Santorum, fucking faggots need to be locked up!

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    @shaquandiniiqua: wtf!?!
    get a grip, bitch
    …then let go…
    from the 27th floor.
    (silly cunt)

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    my bad, for responding.
    obviously a fake ass sock puppet.

  • Kev C

    @NickM: Most sexual assaults, rapes, molestations are done by men. Women do these things much less then men. It would be disingenuous, or plain dishonest and unjust to put equal blame on women for sexual crimes. I think we can all agree with this statement.

    LGBTs are 4 times more likely to be gay bashed by blacks than by whites. And yet, a segment of the gay community refuses to acknowledge this and are in denial. Seeking to put equal blame on white people for black people’s homophobia. These gays are usually liberals. Those indoctrinated with liberal values. And their behavior only perpetuates injustice and homophobia. They need to be called out.

  • Franco

    Losing her job will not change any of her opinions. We shouldn’t be asking her to keep her yap shut, we should be engaging her to speak to open up a discussion about intolerance. Ignorance is bliss but so is education.

  • Shannon1981

    @Isaac C: So explain the homophobia of other races, white and otherwise?

    Also, the way you speak..

    “if you study these people..”

    That’s a sign of racism, son. For real. I gave you the benefit of the doubt.Even after the evidence that my original characterization of you, since I had not been privy to your antics before, was wrong. No more. Every comment section you participate in devolves into a race war, regardless of subject matter, because you take it there. That’s race baiting and race trolling. I second divkid’s vote to remove you from Queerty.

  • Hephaestion

    Racism sucks.

    I hate it when people make racist comments here.
    If you have a point to make, you can make it without hateful racist remarks.

    How can you be gay and not understand the horror of racism? My mind is blown.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    @Kev C: most white gays in white communities are bashed by whites.

    most gay bashings occur in areas of deprivation and poverty.

    even accepting your figures, why isolate one aspect of the bigger picture, and not poverty, or any number of other variable, such as, say, the systematic chronic underfunding of education in these communities, etc.

    your figures (if correct) are not objective scientific truths; correlation does not imply not causation — statistics 101.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    *does not imply causation

  • tookietookie

    It’s easier for white liberals to box with the straw-man argument that homophobia is caused by the color of one’s skin, because of course that is obviously flawed. Easy win. And you’ve spent the better part of 54 comments so far polishing your ego against it.

    The real issue is the need to call out the black church on its homophobia, same as the need to call out any organization or community in this country that has its head up its ass and feels the need to scapegoat gay people.

    So, while I don’t agree with the racist ways this point is being brought up here, I don’t agree with wankers crying racism and avoiding the real issue. It’s a reasonable assumption that this woman didn’t just come up with this hatred on her own. I think both sides are saying that here.

    And yes, racism is real, systemic racism is real, which leads to deprived and undereducated communities, which leads to lies and hate like this woman’s. But get real, there are more proximate causes to why she did what she did, and who want’s to bet it wasn’t pastor so-and-so?

    Racial emnity is emnity, whichever way it cuts. We should demand respect and not waste our time making apologies for people like this bitch.

  • Shannon1981

    @tookietookie: I don’t think anyone wants to apologize for the squirming, filthy piece of shit that is this (now former) principal. The issue here is the constant race baiting in Queerty comment sections. If the perpetrator of anything homophobic is anything other than white, these comments sections go away from that particular incident and devolve into hateful racism, and that is a problem on this board that needs to be nipped. One thing I loved about new queerty vs old queerty is that they remove hateful comments. I like the snarky tone/no censorship culture here, but there is a such thing as going too far there…

    I’m black and I have heavy issues with Black Church Culture. Nobody is denying the homophobia there. However, there are ways to address it other than the racist bullshit that happens in comment section after comment section on here.

  • tookietookie

    @Shannon1981: I agree.

  • Shannon1981

    @tookietookie: I think the first thing for them to do is identify race trolls, warn, start deleting blatant racism, and banning those responsible for it in the same manner they ban homophobic trolling. Only way to stop it. Queerty has long had a free for all culture, and that has carried over to the new version.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    it’s patently obvious homophobia is not a black thing per se.

    undoubtedly, theres a cultural factor at play, namely one of indoctrinated religious dogma: in a society that historically and uniquely only had the church to give it any sense of belonging in the teeth of the opposition of every other institution, that even denied black people their humanity; is it any wonder the ties are still so strong, even as it’s the stranglehold has become toxic and horizon-limiting.

    but black culture is not uniform, homoginous, and certainly not some innate, essentialist quality. and it’s offensivly reductive to suggest otherwise.

    but mostly it’s a class thing (the underclass of african americans being more numerous in relative numbers).

    violent crime and hate crimes are rare in solid middle and upper class areas of any ethnicity. last time i looked there was hardly a crime wave of korean grocery store robberies involving the scions of hedge-fund managers, rocking fat assed trust funds — of either the white OR black variety. fact.

    in these matters race is irrelevant. accept to racists.

  • Shannon1981

    @prince of snides aka divkid: Well said. Which is why I really hope Evan and the others are reading this thread and act accordingly re: banning race trolls.

  • Isaac C

    @Shannon1981: The difference is I really don’t give a shit. People don’t seem to have a problem with the anti-white racists who post here daily, who instigate race wars, and I’m supposed to give a damn because of a few black egos? The same blacks who attack innocent whites here on a routine basis for nothing at all?

    Nope, sorry. I won’t be silenced. Call me racist all you like, and wear yourselves out doing it all you like. That word means nothing to me and I’m still going to say what I have to say and think what I think at the end of the day. So call me a “troll,” “racist,” “moron,” and/or anything else to your heart’s desire and as many times as you need to to make yourselves happy and satisfied, and move the fuck on. Simple.

  • Shannon1981

    @Isaac C: I have a problem with all racists, anti white, anti black, anti latino, and otherwise. Bigotry is bigotry, and your fixation with black people is disturbing, to say the least. Your posts in this thread showed me you are one of them.

  • Isaac C

    @Shannon1981: Fine, hon. We have nothing else to talk about ;).

  • Shannon1981

    @Isaac C: Don’t patronize me. I’m not your “hon.”

  • stevoj

    @Isaac C: i’ve seen a couple of your conversations and even responded a few times (some to much regret). you tend to speak from the perspective of being on the outside looking in and that’s pretty much 100% of the problem right there

    exposure is probably the only thing that will change your limited understanding of other people, races and culture. you use phrases like “study these people” as if you’ve done any first hand research. the best part is that you chime in the most on topics of race and religion (though i doubt you’re neither religious nor multiracial)

    until you grow up a bit i don’t think your perspective will change. so just keep agreeing to disagree…

    and i’m confused as to why you mentioned being silenced… come on buddy, you are not a politician. let’s not think too highly of oneself

  • Marc

    @Shannon1981: It makes no sense to continue to argue with Isaac C. You are an intelligent person debating a parody of an intellectual. The conversation/debate will only continue to devolve as long as Isaac is engaged. The only thing, perhaps, that can be gained is that someone like Isaac C views your conversation and for once is motivated to take a hard look at what they believe and why; and maybe they will become a better person by doing so. It is highly improbable though, that Isaac C himself will.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    yeah, it’s a shame to have to invoke threats of barring people… but hey, life’s a bitch!

    i know we’re of the same mind as regards censorship of robust views; and wouldn’t advocate it lightly. i’m just fine with contentious opinions; i like to see both sides of an argument — it helps to hone ones own views, and clarify any weak spots in ones own argument.

    however, deliberate vexatious and unprovoked disrespect and offence just makes it an unnecessarily unpleasant place to spend any time, and thus bad for long term health of the wider community on this here site.

  • Cam

    Look, is there more homophobia overall in the black community percentage wise than the white? Yes, HOWEVER….

    Huge numbers of blacks moved north from the south and kept the religion and much of the values they grew up with there.

    And where is the most intolerant place in the country for gays? The South.

    I don’t think it’s a black thing, I think it’s a southern thing and a church thing.

    Additionally, look at Washington DC, a majority black city who’s council approved gay marriage and there wasn’t a single protest against it but for one minister from Maryland. He tried to organize one and got less than 100 people to show up. So you can’t tell me that it’s a black thing otherwise DC would have never passed the law.

  • Isaac C

    @stevoj: Nope! Sorry, my mind won’t change, no matter how many anti-white black racists try to tell me about myself and about white people.

    The best thing that you and others can do is get over it. Don’t respond to my comments if you continually find that you don’t like them or don’t agree with them. Since you all seem to agree with each other then that’s really all that should matter to you in the first place. And yes, I will definitely keep agreeing to disagree ;). No worries.

  • CBRad

    @Cam: It’s gangsta culture too, though.

  • cwm

    no matter how many anti-white black racists try to tell me about myself and about white people

    how long before the troll starts in with that “Fourteen words” shit??

    not a lot we can do. respond, or fail to respond. either way: he’ll just continue excreting words.

    it requires more than just typing to communicate ideas (or, even common sense)

  • JayKay

    What the? Anti-white racists turning this into a racial issue in order to justify their insane “white gays are oppressin’ meee!” conspiracy theory? It’s surprising to see since that never ever happens…

  • Eric

    @JayKay: Another race troll. It’s like whack-a-mole with you people.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Cam: I grew up in a very southern hick town, and most were just as homophobic on top of being racist. Where are you getting a higher percentage of black racists than white? You polled the entire nation?

    There’s also the fact that blacks make up a tiny percentage of this country compared to whites who make up the majority by a very large margin. It’s easy to skew numbers by using percentages, but it’s the wrong way to actually gather information given the variance in number.

    You have to use actual numbers or none at all. And really in this case there’s no way to determine who really feels what way about anything. The fact of the matter is PEOPLE across the nation are homophobic.


    Focusing on color makes people tune you out and rightfully so. If you can’t be against homophobia and just homophobia of any kind no matter who it’s from then leave it to those who can.

    I don’t recall Martin Luther King making great strides for civil rights by insulting whites and sweeping generalizations about their attitudes and behaviors across everyone with white skin.

    Reading over many of the comments that frequent these articles it makes Queerty seem like Stormfront or a KKK rally. The louder this gay racism gets, the better chance you have of it backfiring on all of us, because NO ONE will support this nonsense. Blatant racism is no longer accepted in the US, not even by actual racists. Some ridiculously vocal gays are pretty much the only blatant racists I’ve encountered since the early 90s.

  • Isaac C

    @JayKay: Yep. And let’s not even get started on their “white privilege” bs, which we can all expect to be dropped at one point or another by the militant anti-whites here. They’re like broken records. Whatevs.

  • Shannon1981

    @prince of snides aka divkid: The problem I have is that in oh…60+ comments, this hasn’t been about Dorothy Bond or Haywood High. It’s been a race war, as has every comment section involving anyone of color. That means that derailment via race baiting is far too common, and needs to be curtailed.

    Besides that, while, yes, part of Queerty’s charm for me is the ability to say whatever the hell I want..

    part of NEW Queerty’s charm is a higher standard. Some posters here have gone too far numerous times.

  • Shannon1981

    @Marc: Good way to look a it. I had to go for a bit. Unlike him, I have a life outside Queerty.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    yes, point taken. we have been jumping to his tune long enough. his ego has been adequately massaged.

    maybe we should daily have one post explicitly set aside just for such race baiting and let them get it out of their system, along with an absolute zero tolerance for it elsewhere.

    all the while one can’t help wondering if this awful woman or her supporters are looking in with a satisfied grins on their faces at how disunited we are, and how it portends to any kind of effective opposition.

    i’ll say no more on the subject. possibly. hopefully.

  • Shannon1981

    @prince of snides aka divkid: That’s the thing, even though Queerty is CLEARLY,/b> a gay site meant for well, gays, straight people do lurk here and occasionally comment. Just because this isn’t The Advocate or Out doesn’t mean that they aren’t here. We cannot act like we are in some kind of internet gay ghetto here, because we aren’t. They see every word, even if we don’t know they are here.

  • Shannon1981

    ugh html fail! Sorry everyone.

  • WJoaquin

    @Oh, ok.: Is there any black homophobe you won’t defend? Just because you hate white gays doesn’t mean the homophobes in your community are going to turn around and love you all of a sudden. Enough with your racism already.

  • Cam

    @Oh, ok.:

    So you just didn’t even bother to read my post did you?

    I pointed out that being homophobic was NOT a “Black Thing” because the city of Washington DC is majority black, passed gay marriage without a protest or backlash from it’s voters. The statistics on blacks being more anti gay come from several recent polls out of states like Maryland where there are referendums pending. I said that an explanation would be that a huge percentage of the black population has roots in the south, and the south is homophobic.

    You may want to read an entire post next time rather than just reading the first line then attacking.

  • Kev C

    @prince of snides aka divkid: Actually you can verify my statistics right now. Search for every gay bashing video posted online. Search for every antigay verbal harrassment video. What’s that? Within mixed, multicultural countries, a 4:1 ratio of black homophobia to non-black homophobia? The same ratio that is shown in police logs, news reports and crime statistics? The same ratio that victims know from person experience, and you can ask them. And even when it’s presented to you in front of your eyes, deniers will rationalize the homophobia and shift the blame. If you’re relying on statistics, I win.

  • ChristopherM

    @Shannon1981: You are clearly too eloquent to be engaging racist trash like Isaac.

  • Oh, ok.

    @WJoaquin: I never once defended her, thanks.

    @Cam: I read it, and replied to the stupid part. You have no statistics, stop making things up. You’re making the south sound like the only place that’s homophobic when there are plenty of homophobes all over Texas, California, etc.

    Stop generalizing, stop apologizing, and start thinking. I know that’s hard for you.

  • B

    Re No. 14 · cwm wrote, “@TBF: Not so “silent,” after his awful “God’s in the mix” remark.
    Why are so many LGBT liberals so certain Obama’s opposition to marriage equality is merely political calculation? It could be his sincere (and if so, sincerely idiotic) belief.”

    Obama specifically opposed Proposition Eight at the same time. He was clearly distinguishing private views (a cynic would claim it was a private view some voters wanted to hear) with public policy. Basically, you don’t let personal feelings become a rationale for denying people their rights.

    Selectively quoting like cmw and others are doing is simply dishonest. It’s the same trick used in American anti Soviet Union propaganda where they’d quote a form Soviet Union premier, Nikita Krushchev, as saying, “We will bury you,” pretending it was a threat. The full quote was “About the capitalist states, it doesn’t depend on you whether we (Soviet Union) exist. If you don’t like us, don’t accept our invitations, and don’t invite us to come to see you. Whether you like it our not, history is on our side. We will bury you.”

    Now, personally, living under a Communist government such as they had in the former Soviet Union is something I’d very much like to avoid. But those personal choices are not an excuse to mislead people about what the rulers of such a country were actually saying.

    We need to take the same attitude and oppose misleading people as a debating trick to “win” an argument. Because, if you “win” an argument in that way, you risk losing the war as you base your decisions on fantasies instead of the best approximation to reality that you can get.

  • Isaac C

    @Kev C: I understand what you’re saying, Kev C. I’ve experienced and researched it too. It’s just not PC to state the obvious. Like I said, lots of denial and repression. That’s the name of the game with these people. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so very, very sad.

    Oh well…

  • Ogre Magi

    @Shannon1981: You are quite right , white southerners are just as religious and homophobic, and they want to make the rest of the world just like them!

  • Shannon1981

    @ChristopherM: LOL Thanks. I really do like to give everyone a fair shake and a calm debate…but its just too much right now.

    @Ogre Magi: Yup, a homophobe is a homophobe.

  • Bob

    She’s the school bully! Did God give her the right to be one of his disciples? I don’t think so!

  • B

    No. 12 · No11 wrote, “Dear Queerty, There is a difference between “you’re” and “your”. I appreciate your coverage of stories like this but where the heck is your copy editor?”

    Oddly, QUEERTY’s error was copied from ABC 24, located in Memphis Tennessee. The use of
    “you’re” instead of “your” was in the original article, to which QUEERTY provided a link.

    Queerty should have added “[sic]” to indicate that the bad usage was not due to Queerty’s reporters and editors.

  • Ruhlmann

    If we could just figure out a way to kill god. That fucker just keeps stirring up shit.

  • Danny

    It is redundant to tell students they are going to hell, because they are already in Tennessee. Hell would actually be several steps in improvement over that shithole of a backwards state: Tennessee – where dreams and modernity die faster than feuding hillbillies.

  • prettygirls

    93 comments!! SOOOOO MANY!!! I’m shocked. Gasp. A fist full of my finest pearls.
    @Kev C: You pull’d those stats out your ass, bitch ass.
    @Isaac C: “shut yo fat ass up” sucking black cock is not research.

  • Isaac C

    @prettygirls: Uhhhh….no. I would never.

  • Kev C

    I stand by them. If you, or anyone else, are claiming whites are equally as homophobic as blacks, you should be able to prove this. And yet, no evidence has been presented for such a claim.

  • The US Education System

    @Kev C: I’m sorry I failed you.

  • prettygirls

    @Kev C: Gurl please I’m pretty sure all those teen LGBT’s who’ve killed themselves did it because of black homophobia. Bitch here’s a dollar and a piece of candy now go somewhere and take a nap.
    @Isaac C: LOL sssuuurrreee. The only thang you love more than donuts is a big black cock on your lips… I love this site.. Ta-Ta.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    @The US Education System: i see what you did there. *applause*

  • Kev C

    @prettygirls: @prince of snides aka divkid:

    I’ve already shown that these two posters are apologists for black homophobia and are homophobes who insult victims of hate crimes.

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Kev C: Kind of playing fast and loose with the word “shown,” aren’t we?

    Racial arguments aside (don’t care to get into one of those), your use of statistics really is kind of egregious. My favorite quote from you on the topic: “Actually you can verify my statistics right now. Search for every gay bashing video posted online.”

    Yeah. That’s how statistics are verified. Watching stuff on YouTube.

  • Kev C

    @Mr. Robertson: I can show you the link showing that they are homophobes but I’m too lazy to search. If you are asserting that whites are as homophobic as blacks, please provide evidence or shut up.

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Kev C: “If you are asserting that whites are as homophobic as blacks, please provide evidence or shut up.”

    Guess you missed the part of my post (i.e., my entire post) where I said I wasn’t addressing the racial argument itself, but your use of statistics.

    So: not great with statistics … not awesome at reading comprehension … and *kinda* hung up on black people.

    I really hope you’re pretty.

  • Kev C

    @Mr. Robertson: You’re asserting my information is not credible or incorrect. Is that a fair assessment of your comment? And yet you provide no evidence to the contrary. A simple denier, someone who chooses to reject information and attack credibility selectively. Someone who is biased. My assertion stands.

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Kev C: So … that’s a no on the pretty?

  • Kev C

    @Mr. Robertson: When you get serious about fighting homophobia instead of attacking the victims of homophobia, let me know. Mkay?

  • ewe

    And i would like to tell her “you are going to the unemployment line. Bye bye.”

  • ewe

    @prettygirls: Ya know what? when you put me down nigga, i put you down. We understand each other cunt?

  • ewe

    There is only one question. Who started the hate? That fat bitch did is who. And i certainly hope they make her spend her own money to fight for her pension.

  • ewe

    What she did is child abuse. That is a crime. She deserves incarceration and no benefits.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    feel better now, sweetie?
    good… cuz, really, that’s all that matters here.

    @Kev C:
    %!£@$%?! — ouch!… (just. can’t. watch)… MR. R hands your spanked ass back to you.

    no shame, flower. learn from this.

    — a concerned friend.

  • HaMashchit

    Just wanted to pop in for a bit to point out that Kev C is a typical right-winger. He makes a wild assertion with no credible proof and then demands YOU disprove it. Nope. Not the way it works. He made the claim; he provides the proof. The end.

    Kev C’s infantile thinking is laughable, considering that most high profile gay bashings have involved white victims and white assailants. If I were a superficial thinker like Kev C, I would be justified in concluding that most gay bashers are white–after all, look at the carefully selected high-profile examples I’m using! Most Catholic Bishops are white. Mormon leadership is white. The leadership of national anti-gay organizations are white. The pope is white. I could cherry pick all kinds of convenient samples to prove my point.

    The appropriate position is agnosticism. We don’t know the answer to the specific question “are blacks more homophobic than whites?” What we do know is that the level of homophobia in America is troubling, and that it is a problem among blacks and whites. Perhaps someone could come up with some rubrics to answer the question, but my response to that would be, “Why?” Why is it important to you that blacks are “more” homophobic than whites? Golly gee, I wonder what the obsession with that question could be about?

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    sir, how dare you be so damnably reasonable! i’ll warrant you’re some commie pinko subversive type.

    away with you, forthwith!

  • ewe

    @prince of snides aka divkid: i speak for the “Cheeeldren” as Cardinal Egan always says. Thanks for thinking of me though.

  • ewe

    @HaMashchit: no no no no no no no no no you are in the dark. This is not about african american people. This is about an evil shithead motherfucking black evangelical and we do attack right wing white religious filth with equal fervor. You have the issue. If you do not understand the way to fight war then thats your problem. When these motherfuckers know they are losing they hold up their cross and dare to use a delusional gODD as their shield. They are completely out of their minds. Stop defending her. She is a fucking terrorist and she is in the midst of the cheeeeeeeldren.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    “This is about an evil shithead motherfucking black evangelical and we do attack right wing white religious filth with equal fervor.”

    and in so doing you refer to THEIR race too, naturally!
    fucking deluded or liar, which one are you ewe?

  • ewe

    @prince of snides aka divkid: “Their” Who is “their” Snide? You had better take that mirror and look at yourself Charlatan. I would much rather deal with an outspoken racist then someone like you who doesn’t even know she is. Keep your stones and roll them around in that tiny little head of yours.

  • HaMashchit

    He’s saying that you don’t make a big deal out of the race of the white homophobes. I don’t have the time or energy to research all your posts so I don’t know if that’s true for you; but he’s observing that at conversations on Queerty, the race of white homophobes is usually not relevant, but the race of black homophobes is.

  • bill forsyth

    Presumably this woman is a biblical Christian, so as a black person does she believe that slavery was essentially fully commensurate with biblical teaching Jesus did not condemn the keeping of slaves indeed his message to slaves was one of obedience and hard work nothing about abolition and does she agree with that other biblical truth that black people as the descendants of Ham are damned for ever ,or like the majority of biblical Christians does she ignore the bits she finds uncomfortable or truly insane to any rational sentient human being.

  • KyleW

    @bill forsyth: Trying to reason with christians is as futile as trying to catch niagra falls in a teaspoon!

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