Stick It To Me

To Botox, or Not to Botox

Botox at 26? That was the recommendation of one financially inclined New York doctor whose 26-year-old patient dared let her forehead develop wrinkles. (A separate doctor says, “The youngest patient I’ve seen was 22 years old, and she needed it.” Ouch.) And so begins a thought exercise on aging and beauty, and when is too young to start taking care of anything you consider a cosmetic flaw.

We have friends in their early thirties who’ve been getting chemical peels, microdermabrasion, Botox and Juvederm treatments for years. The forehead of one mid-twenties acquaintance no longer moves. Same for several forty- and fifty-something friends, though they’re less likely to own up to it than the youngins. So let’s hear from you:

• Have you had Botox, or other “light” cosmetic treatments? Are you considering them?

• Would you think less of your friends if they got treatments?

• Is there an age that’s too young? An age that all but makes Botox necessary?

• Is “aging gracefully” something to respect, or a punchline?

• If you’ve had treatments done, and you’re will to share, tell us your age, how often you get them done, and whether you’re satisified with the results.