To Win Equality Nationwide, LGBTs Will Have To Help Finance Pro-Equality Republicans

Last June, New York Senate Republcans James Alesi, Mark Grisanti, Roy McDonald, and Stephen Saland voted along with 28 Democrats to pass the state’s historic marriage equality bill. So to thank them, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, gay philanthropist Tim Gill, and hedge fund manager Paul Singer helped chair a fundraiser to collect $1.25 million for their re-election campaigns—it’s called supporting your allies.

But more interestingly major Republican, Democratic, and independent donors attended the party, suggesting that the future of equality legislation rests in our ability not only to persuade Republicans and independents to support our civil rights, but also to finance their re-election campaigns when foes like the National Organization of Marriage seek to take them out in the next election cycle.

Image via DonkeyHotey