TODAY: 1 Year Since California Supreme Court OK’d Marriage


And we all know what happened since then. Now we sit and wait, 365 days after the State Supreme Court justices ruled unconstitutional a law that limited marriage to one man and one woman, for them to decide whether the voter-approved Proposition 8 was also legal — a decision they must hand down by June 3. But there’s even more significance built into this week in May:

We’re also celebrating! On Sunday we’ll mark the fifth birthday of the first time same-sex marriage became legal in the U.S., when the Massachusetts Supreme Court’s November 2003 opinion took effect on May 17, 2004. Since then, we’ve seen four more states — Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and New Hampshire — follow suit.

But take the good with the bad: Also in those five years, 26 states have banned the practice altogether.

NOTE: Twitter is alive with users posting this story from the Los Angeles Times, with the headline, “California Supreme Court overturns gay marriage ban” and dated May 16. But that’s May 16 of 2008. The LAT updated the headline with “ARCHIVE STORY” so nobody starts a premature celebration.

UDPATE: Turns out the LAT is responsible for punking everyone. The newspaper marked that story as “new” and tossed it out on its Twitter feed, causing followers to think it was a brand new story.