Today, Archie’s Kevin Keller Becomes A Man (Sort Of) With His First Gay Kiss


Kevin Keller gets to kiss his boyfriend Devon in Kevin Keller No. 10, out today. However, when an overzealous mother in the One Million Moms mold witnesses the smooch, she rallies 30 other parents in Riverdale  who object to the public display of same-sex affection. A nearby Veronica is not having any of that and, according to creator Dan Parent, she “records the whole thing and of course uploads it to the Riverdale equivalent of YouTube and that starts a bit of a debate.”

One Million Moms  were up in 2 million arms when Life with Archie No. 16 featured a gay wedding on the cover, pressuring Toys R Us to move sales of the comic away from the front checkout counters, where it would be visible, no doubt, to young impressionable minds. That issue sold out, so another OMM brouhaha would send Kevin Keller brouhaha-ing all the way to the bank.