Today In Awesome Christianist Anti-You Propaganda and Commerce

What’s great about this ad for Dr. Michael Brown‘s book, A Queer Thing Happened To America, aside from the start to finish urgency-narration from the steak knife infomercial announcer:

2. Gays are ruining traffic signs.
4. Gays are hating dinner.
6. Gays are tricking America into thinking they’re normal black sock-wearers but then–surprise–the fuzzy pink high heel mules leap out of the closet at precisely whore o’clock.
7. Levitating book and dvd combo-pack, searching for a home on real bookstore shelves and, sadly, finding none. Gays.
8. Gays took over devil-science, which the Christianists hated before anyone else because of how it’s already a thing from the devil. But now that gays own all the beakers and all the science words it’s doublefrown time.
9. Gays are drowning schools, TV and the internet in a tsunami wave of aerobics sweat, various penis liquids and Smart Water, then electrocuting everything with purple lightning.
10. This is no book for dummies. It’s got a “hard-back cover” like the ones you get in fine home-schools.
11. Send thirty bucks to “Sid Roth–It’s Supernatural!” Mr. Roth-It’s Supernatural! will make sure your money is put to good use.

Order two, please.