Today In Gay Slurs: Hosted By Chris “I Beat Rihanna” Brown And The NFL’s James Harrison

a.j. abrams
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: aaronisnotcool

Chris Brown @ Credicard Hall 20.05.2010
Creative Commons License photo credit: Focka

Famous R&B singer abuser of Rihanna Chris Brown and Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker James Harrison both uttered anti-gay slurs this week. Throw another two more logs onto the anti-gay bonfire, boys.

Brown called the moves of a pickup basketball player “gay” and said “You’re a faggot ass!” to the other players. This comes after calling a paparazzi photographer a “gay nigga” last month.

Harrison recently called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a gay slur in an interview with Men’s Journal.

Sigh… the standard apology for is over here. Will any other pop star or NFL athlete call out these fools on their dickhead behavior? No probably not. And as OutSports Jim Buzinski said, until guys like these start getting publicly denounced by their peers for their behavior, others will continue to act similarly.

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  • Darsco76

    LOL more attacks on blacks! make them pay for stopping gays from getting married lol Pathetic!! Better stop attacking black men, its not a good look. The writer of this article is obviously an angry queer boy who thirsted after some Blk DL gay guy. Barack Obama is a homophobe too because instead of keeping the country, im sorry, THE WORLD, from going into another great depression he did his job instead of catering to selfish human beings who have tunnel vision when it comes to their personal little quest.
    No better than my racist black relatives who try to justify their hate by saying im just a poor lil blk guy or jews who misuse the holocaust to justify selfishness and elicit sympathy. It cheapens the cause people.

    when i walk down the street people see a BLACK MAN, not gay, not smart, just a scary n-word! Villafieing black men does not help either. Chris Brown is WRONG for saying that but he is a friggin moran , tell him and explain to him WHY he should not say that. James Harrison is a friggin athlete if he wasnt playing ball he’d be parking cars or taking my order in a restaurant lol.

    Gays have to start being smarter and not lowering ourselves to dum dum levels , It’s not a good look

  • inoits2

    @Darsco76: Whine. Attacks on blacks! Pullezze!

    They said it. No question about it, they said it. So what does calling them on it have to do with being racist? Its just like saying more black males are in jail because of racism….no…if they are in jail they committed a crime, nothing to do with racism.

    Also I am soooo tired of this game of “oh he called me a bad word mommy”. Oh noes.

    They are only using the language that is used commonly in the locker room. I would rather you say what you think and not apologize because at least I know where you stand. They don’t mean it so why bother.

    It’s a free country so say what you want. Being able to say what you want doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences.

  • Ganondorf

    “instead of catering to selfish human beings who have tunnel vision when it comes to their personal little quest”

    Like extending the bush tax cuts to the super rich (further increasing the deficit to the tune of over three quarters of a trillion dollars) for a few more months of unemployment benefits, slashing the budget (in a recession, when does slashing spending decrease unemployment and raise GDP? I guess the confidence fairy will pick up the slack if you pray really hard) in caving to republican demands that he take out our economic hardships on working people instead of the wealthy, and giving trillions of dollars to the banking cartels with no oversight nor accountability while refusing to advocate for aggressive legislation that would prevent the speculation bubbles that cratered the economy and too big to fail criminal empires (e.g., bank of america and goldman sachs). Seriously, if the IMF didn’t know the name of the country they were surveying and just looked at the books, there’s little difference between the american oligarchy and russian. I guess his handlers (robert rubin’s henchmen) and real constituency (corporate america) wouldn’t care for that. And now he’s willing to dip into social security and medicare, making dramatic cuts to services and payouts to appease the republican sideshow in the latest debt ceiling showdown–a real farce from both sides. I guess that’s “saving the world” to sleepy people like you, though.

  • Ganondorf

    this knucklehead does focus a lot on black male homophobia, however. It is a problem in the community, but there are a lot of high profile white bigots, too. That is in keeping with queerty’s previous pattern of sensationalistic faux controversial postings to drive up the numbers.

  • Adman

    @Darsco76: When you walk down the street I see a swaggering chump and an idiot. Just saying.

  • Daniel Villarreal

    @Ganondorf: I think that’s unfair. We’ve been hammering away on the Bachmanns, Tim Pawlenty, Bob Vander Plaats, the two white athletes that recently uttered slurs, the other anti-gay GOP candidates, the white Archbishop who is against LGBT history in CA schools, Focus On The Family, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council… all for saying horrendous things about the gays.

    No, they don’t have the same star quality as athletes, musicians, and actors, but they are white and we highlight their hateful speech just as regularly.

  • Michael


    What kind of rationalization is that?

    They don’t mean it so why bother?

    You apologists need to give it up already the only possible way people like Chris and James will EVER become decent human beings is if they are called on their bigoted bullshit to begin with.Quit making excuses people like you are literally trying to justify and rationalize this behavior away.Funny you mention the locker room bs also considering guys also call girls sluts cunts whores and so on in the locker room but thats okay let them say it like you said THEY DON’T MEAN IT so who cares? If they did not mean it they would not SAY IT quit attempting to make excuses for these homophobic neanderthals you’re just making these words and people like them seem like they are perfectly harmless .You did miraculously make one good statement .

    Being able to say what you want doesnt mean there aren’t consequences.No shit.Ya think? Thats exactly why people like these 2 morons should be held accountable for their actions and reprimanded as well unless that is you’d like them to continue to spread intolerance and hatred wherever they go.But my bad I keep forgetting they should be able and allowed to call people faggots homos etc etc etc…. I mean its not like they don’t MEAN IT right?

    Oh one last thing people like you never seem to comprehend this simple concept there is a difference between freedom of speech and hate speech.These people are consistantly crossing those boundaries on a daily basis.Hate speech is not constitutional nor American nor right and never will be either.This is not these peoples freedom of speech we are talking about here it is unadulterated HATE SPEECH nothing more nothing less.

  • inoits2

    @Michael: You misunderstood. i meant that their apologies were not sincere so why bother. I am also not apologizing for them I think they are despicable.

    But I am sick of gays running around waving their arms and screaming every time somebody says something mean.

    We are always the victim and always play the victim. They are who they are and they will always be pricks. Making them apologize makes me think of a mother making her son apologize for pulling little Suzie’s hair. He doesn’t mean it and will do it again.

    I think hate speech is a good thing because it exposes the ugliness for all to see. The more hate speech and negativity that people spew the more it turns people off. We must allow people to use “hate speech” in order to have change.

  • Michael


    Well I can agree with you in the area that yes almost everyone of these people who apologize do not mean a word of it its never sincere.Always written by their publicist and they always have reasons for apologizing to begin with: getting caught being the biggest one getting called out for their behavior worried about losing money endorsement deals etc…….Im just thinking about these kids out there who have taken their lives already due to people like these 2 tools and their words most definitely and sadly affect them on a personal emotional level.I feel so much for them I just fear the more these people get a get out of jail free card or people make excuses for their behavior the more and more innocent lives will be lost due to feeling even more unwanted unnatural wrong or just flat out unloved. I cant get over how a woman beater has the gall to condemn ANYONE in the first place for that matter.

  • Ganondorf

    @Daniel Villarreal

    Perhaps I am being unfair. I’m not advocating quotas. But in terms of actual power, percentage of population, and privilege should they be highlighted just as frequently or in proportion to their actual influence?

    I believe that homophobia is, in fact, a larger problem for blacks than whites as a percentage of overall population. Certain traits do enable reliable predictions of homophobia. “Mormon”, for example, is an even more reliable tracker than “black” for predicting homophobic attitudes/beliefs in groups (and incidentally, racism, too). It doesn’t entail it, of course. This is a community problem. I also recognize that due to their social capital and influence on policy, that this larger percentage doesn’t entail the loss of our rights, but is merely a contributing factor. For example, more black people (as a percentage) voted for prop 8 than other relevant demographics did, but that didn’t entail its passage. It contributed, but no means insured it given the size of that demographic in CA.

    And don’t be coy. You know as well as I that posting the ignorant, homophobic rants of black celebrities will stoke the embers of hostility that exist between the black and lgbt communities, and the subsequent flame wars and screeds that are its byproduct. These conversations are very common. But I’m not advocating quotas, as this tension should be addressed and hopefully resolved over time. But directly, not obliquely, and certianly not by disingenuously passing the onus on to the commenters.

  • McMike

    Chris Rock???? Um, I’m pretty sure he’s gotten up the ass more than any of us have.

  • McMike

    umma, I did mean Chris Brown…

  • Gay Veteran

    I really wish ALL the people in the comment section would leave race out of it and just address the homophobia. Stop saying there’s more of a problem with homophobia in the black community when you have no way of proving that.. just because black voters in California voted a certain way doesn’t mean the entire black community has a problem with homophobia.. Blacks can be just as homophobic or not as homophobic as their white peers. Same can be said for Hispanics, Asians, etc.

    Focus on the homophobia and stop taking away from the real issues.. by making it a black vs. GLBT thing because every time you guys do that you fail to recognize people like myself who are black and gay. Black vs. GLBT is just as stupid as White vs. GLBT. I don’t see anyone making it a White vs. LGBT issue.

  • Michael

    @Gay Veteran:

    Agreed this isnt about race or the color of someones skin this entire thing is about fighting for equal rights in this country and fighting for the most beautiful and powerful gift that anyone could ever have: LOVE. This is also not US against US that thinking has got to STOP in this community if its not some people from this community being racist and bashing blacks its some macho gay guy picking on a feminine gay guy.Its bullying its hypocritical its stupid its childish and it makes us no better then the ones who hate us and cant stand what we are every single day.Things have to change in this community especially the hypocritical attitudes of some people within this community.

  • Leroy Laflamme

    @Darsco76: What on earth does ‘villafieing’ mean?

  • Darsco76

    @inoits2: I did not mean to come off as a woe is me type or blame whitey type, The story that Michael Irvin is telling is VERY VERY important. Most black people wont admit it but some do have a problem with homosexuality. I hid the fact that i was homosexual, dated girls the whole 9. It’s just that when there is a positive story like the one mike irvin is telling it helps us understand why so many people are homophobic. we dont have to agree with it but we can understand why people do that and maybe they can be helped to understand a different point of view.
    You have to understand a person & relate to them to get them to understand your point of view. If you think that your way is thinking is THE ONLY way then youll never help some1 understand a different way of life.
    OK example, there are 3 big religions Jewish, christianity, & muslim. We ALL follow the 10 commandments & we all know there is ONE G-D, so whos to say one is better than the other? we all pray to the same G-D!
    thats just an example not trying to start a religious discussion

    @adman lol Swagger LOLok next time u see me say hi! maybe we can have a coffee

  • Steve

    Okay, two things:

    1. Why do you care what Chris Brown says? You said it yourself, he’s an abusive person with some serious anger issues. Why do we give this lunatic attention in the first place?

    2. I don’t agree with what they’re saying, but a public apology doesn’t do anything but give you guys a sugar high that fades quickly. If we force them to apologize, they clearly DON’T MEAN IT. Sure, maybe they’re telling people they’re sorry, but it comes down to a “Do as I say, not as I do” mentality which ultimately changes nothing. If we don’t change the way that these people think (which forcing them to apologize doesn’t do) then we’ve failed.

  • Ray Kwok

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  • 12345deviant

    @Darsco76: how are you a member here! these are people’s idols and their telling their audiences these are behavior ethics and attributes that should be accepted and praised. It’s not about race, it’s about teaching our next generation to be not only more tolerant, but accepting and loving to all.

  • Sebizzar

    It just never ends does it -.-

  • Kev C

    @Darsco76: I take personal responsiblity for Villafieing all black people. All those times people accused blacks of doing something bad? That was me. All those times when angry homosexuals went wild and beat up blacks? That was me too.

  • Michael


    *Nods* Actions speak louder then words will never believe any of them until they actually take the effort to PROVE they mean what they say.

  • Rick Gold

    No one addressed the first commentator’s blatant anti-semitism in his “or jews who misuse the holocaust to justify selfishness and elicit sympathy.”

    Sir, you can kindly fuck off.

  • McGullen

    @Rick Gold: No one addressed it because there’s nothing wrong with what he said. There are Jews who use the Holocaust to elicit personal sympathy, which is disgraceful to the memory of all the Jews who died in the Holocaust. There are also anti-Semitic trolls who blindly accuse people of anti-Semitism to get people annoyed at real Jews. Those people are the real danger.

  • Ganondorf


    Considering you’re both goys, go fuck yourselves.

  • McGullen

    @Ganondorf: So you basically just called me a dirty foreigner and you expect me to sympathize with whiny Jews. Not gonna happen. Grow a backbone and you’ll get some respect.

  • Eff Dramaqueens

    White Jews just can’t take the fact that people with light skin were bludgeoned in the Holocaust. I don’t hear any privilege-speak from the Eastern European Jews (who of course have dark skin), even though they have so much more to complain about.

  • parker

    @Ganondorf: are you even gay? you’ve said “we” several times in your comments…… but you seem like a regular straight boy to me.

  • Ganondorf


    Go fuck yourself, you antisemitic piece of shit. Imagine if blacks were accused of using slavery as an excuse. You hand wringing douchebags would be screaming racism. No, asshole, you don’t get to choose what’s antisemitism and what’s not, goy.

  • Ganondorf


    And you seem like you’ve got aids. Amirite?

  • Jeffree

    This whole “(b)lather, rinse, repeat” of celebrities’ slurs & apologies gets tiresome quickly. Until their hateful words consistently get called out by their peers, all this yelping from the sidelines is
    just background noise to them.
    — — —
    Our self-described expert on Judaism can’t even pluralize the word “goy” correctly? Tsk, tsk.

  • Ganondorf


    Goyim, goys–either works. There’s a virulent strain of antisemitism in both the gay and black communities. Looks like you’re an enabler. Antisemites and their enablers are the scum of the earth. Pure trash.

  • Ganondorf

    And self-described expert on judaism? Please do humanity the favor of overdosing, you idiotic waste of life. Trash.

  • Jeffree

    Get some help Ganondorf. Your hate & self hate are eating you up, & it’s sad to watch. The Trevor Project will listen to you, if your family or friends won’t.

  • Ganondorf


    Come now, that’s a bit stale. (You’re just bitter and “wounded” from our previous exchange, not necessarily antisemite enabler.) You’ve already used that before to compensate for your lack of wit, originality, and education. It would almost seem that anyone who takes exception to the prodigious heaps of bullshit your grind out here on a daily basis must suffer from self hatred. Oddly, I can almost make out the masochism angle in actually reading your tripe, which I will gladly discontinue doing from here on. Au revoir, douche rocket.

  • Jeffree

    See, the best way to make a miserable sod like Ganondorf feel truly alive is to jangle the rawest nerve. In his case, it’s his need for a target. Hating someone else more than himself cheers him up immeasurably.

  • McGullen

    @Ganondorf: Blacks don’t make excuses about slavery because they can’t. It’s a white privilege even to complain, not that you would know, you white son of a bitch. Just so you don’t call me a nigger, I’ll be clear that I’m white too, if my Irish name doesn’t give it away. But I’m not a white son of a bitch.

  • McGullen

    By “wounded” Ganondorf means he gave it to you in the ass, which is apparently supposed to be embarrassing, because anal sex is soooo embarrassing. (On the other hand, he might just be calling himself a rapist.) It’s the second anti-gay insult he’s used in this comment section. I’m not sure if he has more self-hatred for being gay or for being a Jew.

  • Ron

    Ganondorf, you clearly have mother issues, dude. Time to work through them.

  • Jeffree

    @TheRealisticMannequinAdam: That was THE perfect link!
    Q. Why can’t we all just get along?
    A: Because too much harmony is boring, no fun, and doesn’t cause anyone to question their assumptions. (And I’m prettiest when I’m angry, so I am told)

  • TheRealMannequinAdam

    @Jeffree: Yes, Jeffree, the youthful, rosy flush your cheeks acquire when sufficiently roused is absolutely spell-binding, I must say.

    But….please….think about the older people….and the….and the kids….

  • Jeffree

    @TheRealMannequinAdam: Aww, thanks. You know me too well. And of course, please…I mean…remember the kids…they’re always watching us. We’ re role môdels, y’know?

    (I’ll be in Chgo all weekend, closer to the Marilyn statue than near “boyztown.” Should be fun, though work’s on the agenda too.)

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