Today In Gay Slurs: Hosted By Chris “I Beat Rihanna” Brown And The NFL’s James Harrison

a.j. abrams
Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: aaronisnotcool

Chris Brown @ Credicard Hall 20.05.2010
Creative Commons License photo credit: Focka

Famous R&B singer abuser of Rihanna Chris Brown and Pittsburgh Steeler linebacker James Harrison both uttered anti-gay slurs this week. Throw another two more logs onto the anti-gay bonfire, boys.

Brown called the moves of a pickup basketball player “gay” and said “You’re a faggot ass!” to the other players. This comes after calling a paparazzi photographer a “gay nigga” last month.

Harrison recently called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a gay slur in an interview with Men’s Journal.

Sigh… the standard apology for is over here. Will any other pop star or NFL athlete call out these fools on their dickhead behavior? No probably not. And as OutSports Jim Buzinski said, until guys like these start getting publicly denounced by their peers for their behavior, others will continue to act similarly.

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