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  • Mike

    At least the good news is that this “debate” is going to be stacked against Bahati. Former President Mogae is now very much a supporter of gay rights (why it had to wait until AFTER he was president, I don’t know…), and Ms. Badawi will be making remarks to that effect in the interview.

  • Mike

    It looks like the cards will be stacked against Bahati in this debate. Ms. Badawi’s questions will be very tough on him but also on President Mogae, who speaks out for gay rights now but kept a very neutral (TOO neutral) stance when he was president of Botswana. She will take both of them to task.

  • Qjersey

    It was the European colonialists and christian missionaries who taught Africans that homosexuality is wrong.

  • Kev C

    Colonialists also taught them to speak English. English is not an African language. Is English Un-African?

  • Mark

    Perhaps Queerty should have actually viewed “The BBC Debate: Is Homosexuality Un-African?” before launching this broadside at the BBC. In fact, it was a television programme made in South Africa for BBC World which is not broadcast within the UK. I saw the programme (via the internet) this morning. Yes, it had David “Kill Gays Bill” Bahati, the Ugandan lawmaker, taking part. But it also had many LGBT activists from across Africa in the studio taking part, along with the former President of Botswana who saw LGBT rights as human rights. The programme was, in fact, biased towards “gay rights”, with Bahati getting short shrift from the studio audience. For all its faults, I would much rather have the BBC than what is offered in America – ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC.

    So Queerty why don’t you actually WATCH the programme and then write a review rather than have a “dig”.

  • Viktor

    @Mark: Agreed.

  • Otis Criblecoblis

    @Qjersey is right…Christian missionaries, who went to Africa to ‘civilize the savages’, spread their brand of hatred, intolerance, self-righteousness & all the other mind poisoning that permeates organized religion.

    Christians are still at it in this country & around the world, with their unhealthy messages about sexuality, birth control & basic rights for women & gays. Here in Washington State, evangelicals operate phony pregancy centers that try to shame women rather than offer real support & information.

    Shame on the forces of darkness that perpetuate the Christian menace!

  • Kev C

    @Otis Criblecoblis: I think the anti-christians are missing the big picture. Homophobia is increasing in Africa because of competition between Christianity and Islam, with hatred of homosexuals as a selling point. Who can be tougher on gays, Christians or Muslims? That’s the point.

    That’s why homophobia is growing fastest in East Africa more than South or West Africa. East Africa is divided between muslims and christians. Nigeria in the West is also seeing increases in anti-gay attitudes. Why? Nigeria is divided between muslims and christians.

    Both religions are using hatred of gays as a way to gain converts.

  • Shofixti

    “African” isn’t a natural thing. You can’t cut open anyone and find “African” in there. It is a naturalised idea – it is a product of a process. Homosexuality, like Christianity, like American, like Heterosexuality are all also a naturalised, representational and traded around ideas.

    Homosexuality does not mean African – so the naturalisation of homosexuality can be perceived as a threat to the naturalisation of African. It all comes down to power, whether or not there is room made within the naturalisation of African for sufficient sexual diversity – that homosexual naturalisation is not viewed as competition but as necessary, complementary and beneficial.

  • Oprah

    Homosexuality is un-african because of religion.Fortunately, Africans in Africa and Afro Americans are the last race on earth who are stereotypically still religious. White man has become too civilised, too ‘enlightened’ to bother with religion.Fundamentally, religion has a strong hold in africans, thus exists surpressions,denials,stigman etc etc etc.I guess– the question is–is ignorance a bliss?(where there is no education to corrupt,religion comes in to fill in the void, which is definitely a plus, given that we must strive to go to heaven)Is education a corruption at the expense of your soul?(corruption as it produces atheists,agnosts etc etc)

  • LAC

    Automobiles are un-African but they sure want them.

  • Jeffree

    Poor Oprah forgets that there are brown, yellow, red people too. She mistakes race for ethnicity. She mistakes culture for genetics. She thinks BBC means “Big Bald Causcasian.”

    She think it’s like a Ke$ha fansite here where u can you know just like say whateeeeeverz because u like 15 & po’ & u dont go 2 skool — u know i’m saying? if u add HAHAHA or “lol” it meanes u run out of ideas but u still talking anyway about like God with your protrution.

  • Soupy

    Jesus Jeffree, you made me spit out my drink! Thanks for the laugh. I hope Oprah doesn’t tip over her trailer.

  • Oprah

    Jeffree and Soupy,

    Really, the two of you are just cute and adorable. I suddenly have the urge to hide you in my Kate Spade bag. lol

  • Dynex

    @Oprah: Oprah….your religion is bullshyeyeeettt. When you pass away, and our world will be more joyous for it, your body won’t be going to a heaven. It will disolve into dirt, bacetria, smelly filth. I know it’s hard for you to grasp that because you’re a religious looney nut job who believes in fairy tales in the sky signing nyrsery rhymes with unicorns and flying angels, but dearie dear…soon when you graduate from this planet, you won’t be going anywhere =)

    P.S~ Homosexuality is here to stay. Trust and believe we gays have a plan and are infiltrating the masses with gay, gay, gay and everywhere you go it’s gay, gay gay and that won’t be changing anytime soon. You think it’s by coincidence we gays took over Hollywood? Get used to it babey :) get used to it.

  • Oprah

    My religion is something I was born into and never questioned. I don’t want to question it, and I don’t want to explore other options because when I was 12 one night the holy spirit took over my body and God came to my sleep and said this is how you’re supposed to be and I believed him. I’m scared of the idea of growing or learning something that could evolve my mind because religion is my life. I refuse to educate myself on other aspects of living and life. It’s often uncomfortable and lonely living the way I do, knowing I’m harboring so much resentment and seeing people who are leading their lives happily but religion is something that I have been told I have to believe and I’ve never questioned it. I also think evolution is an absolute joke and not what my God wants me to buy into.

  • SteveATL

    The only unnatural act in the human race is practicing religion…a man made cult to get your cash. Religion is known as the worlds best ever money making scheme, and those of us who have been “BLESSED” enough to educate ourselves on this are finally liberated enough to accept that fact. I’ve actually “converted” quite a few of my religious friends to see the light and distance themselves from all things religion and lean toward all things logical. They in turn do the same when having the conversation about religion with their friends. There’s a reason, more so than ever before in history, religious practices and ideology are at an all time low with the younger generation. The younger generation today has distanced itself from religion more so than any other youth in any other generation before it.

  • Jeffree

    @Oprah: (17) Sumfin tellz me that aint u talkin thair. Soundz like Stanley’s trollery 2 moi. And if it is you, get some help. If it’s not you, well that’s still some good advice HA HA HA HA HA HA LULZ

  • Oprah


    Well, you have a right to be Godless, and i have a right to be Godly. We all must walk the path we choose. Good luck, i will pray for you.


    That is cute. If you want to create another Oprah to force me to believe your athiestic endeavor—go ahead. Make my day. HA HA HA HA HA

    PS: For the record: I dont believe in Evolution. Evolution is a polite way to remove God out of the equation. I choose to believe Adam is my ancestor, and you are more than free to choose an Orangatuan is your ancestor. Shall we agree to disagree? :)

    Jeffree I heart you. :)

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @Qjersey: In fact, the several places in Africa that pre-date that colonial influence had a vary different view of human sexuality than what the colonial empire pushed on Africa. Its ironic that they are speaking of what is or is not African, and not realizing they aren’t discussing their actual history, but what was forced on to them. Sad.

  • TwlightoftheDogs

    @Oprah: Several of the more traditional religions were not anti-gay.

  • Steve

    @Kev C: Or French, mon vieux?

  • Jack

    It’s funny to read must of the comments that is posted on this site. Like for exempel”European colonialists taught africans that homosexuality wrong”. Over 100 years africans been taught to accept that they are less intelligent by europeans.
    If we investegate deeper in this subject one will find out that it is the same european gay and lesbian organizations the brains that’s behind this fight so called homosexual rights in Africa.

    Now we have africans believing that homophobia is un-african but homosexuality is african.Do we africans have a clue what’s african and what’s not. My view about president Mogae that he’s a coward. He gave in very easily because of pressure.I don’t agree with all Mr Bahati opinions but I agree with must it.

    And Oh I forgot, homosexuality is very much UN-AFRICAN

  • tunde

    I watched the debate and was appalled at the coordinator’s lack of neutrality. A moderator has no business taking sides it hardly looks professional! As for the debate itself I wonder how much BBC is doing for gay rights in the Arab Muslim world! Wouldn’t a debate like this be helpful there as well?

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