Chipotle Gets Behind Boy Scouts

Today’s Chipotle Special: Tacit Homophobia

Most well known for its diarrhea-inducing, overpriced burritos, Chipotle’s hoping to make a bigger social impact by supporting the Boy Scouts of America, an organization that refuses to admit gay leaders. A new Nassau County franchise has asked customers to donate $5 in exchange for a modest meal that’s big on homophobia. Here’s World Class Stupid’s facetious take on Chipotle’s activist make:

…The liberals convinced the government to stop giving us tax dollars, which is why we really appreciate Chipotle doing fundraising for us. It helps us keep going without the kids we don’t want, and it sends a message to all the left-wing activists that even if they can get the government to stop supporting a discriminatory organization, there are overpriced burrito-vendors who will.

So come one, come all! Show those militant lefties that we don’t need them, and support your local Boy Scouts.

This whole thing’s giving us gas…