Today’s Vermont Wedding Cakes Will Be Of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Variety


Because the only way gays know how to celebrate is with food, it’s fitting that Ben & Jerry’s — Vermont’s most famous exporter of fine goods — is celebrating today’s Day One of same-sex marriage there by renaming its Chubby Hubby flavor to “Hubby Hubby.”

Actually, you’ll just have to pretend they did it; B&J needs 18 months to revise shipping labels, so they’re not actually changing the mark-up of their pints sold in stores. Use your imagination. (Or visit one of their six ice cream parlors in Vermont, where you can get a real Hubby Hubby sundae.) But hey, at least it’s a less-sexualized, kid-friendly message than B&J’s previous one.


We’re buying a case for Bill Slimback and Bob Sullivan, Vermont’s first gay couple to wed under the new law. They got married this morning, at 12:01am. And let’s not forget Claire Williams and Cori Giroux, the state’s first lesbian couple to marry.