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Todd Herzog In ‘Out’

Queer Survivor winner Todd Herzog opens up to Out magazine.

While Herzog and journo Bryan Buss spend quite a bit of time talking about the logistics of televised Darwinism, we’re more interested in how Herzog reconciles his homosexuality and his Mormon background. Mormonism is, of course, the “It” religion these latter days:

BB: How’s it being a gay Mormon? Are you still active in the church?
TH: I haven’t been active in the church for quite a while now. I think the reason I’m happy I was raised Mormon is because it’s given me a level of values and morals that I like to stay true to. I’m just proud of how I was raised. And I love my mom so much I want to make her proud too.

BB: Did you ever go on a mission?
TH: No, I did not go on a mission. You go when you’re 19 and I came out at 19, and I figured, well, it’s either go on a mission and lie or tell everybody why you’re not going on a mission.

There are those morals his mother taught him. We’re sure she’s proud, especially of all the semi-revealing pictures.

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  • George Douglas

    Umm, he gave a pretty straightforward and honest answer to why he didn’t go on a mission. As far as making his Mom proud — you don’t think you can do that despite semi-revealing pictures, even if you’re a Mormon? That’s kind of a narrow interpretation without much knowledge to back it up, don’t you think? Aren’t we about acceptance and inclusion?

  • Micheal

    First of all you are talking about a church that didn’t accept Blacks until 1978. There are so many closeted gay Mormon’s that are not as honest as Todd. I admire his forward thinking in becoming the winner of Survivor. By his will to make things right. So what if he is gay!

  • Gregg

    I’ve slept with a few Mormons and they’ve all been generally hugely hung and very fun in bed.

    As far as the Mormon religion goes – that shit is fucked up. But the same could be said about all organized religion if you ask me.

  • todd

    Mmm-mmmm Mormon, or more men like Herzog!!

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