Todd Holland Is Very Sorry You Overheard Him Tell Hollywood to Stay in the Closet


Gay director Todd Holland is sorry about advising young Hollywood gays to stay in the closet if they want any hope of a career. And by sorry, we mean he’s sorry somebody reported what he said!

Holland made the remarks at an Outfest panel and, while controversial, remain true: Being an openly gay actor just starting out will totally ruin you! At least that’s what Zac Efron‘s handlers are probably telling him! (Somehow an Adam Lambert analogy could fit in here, but we’re not ready to mix music and movies.)

“As an openly gay man in Hollywood, I know firsthand the tremendous challenges that people throughout the industry face in terms of being open about who they are,” says Holland. “For people who know me, they know that I believe it’s important for people to live openly and authentically, and I am sorry for my poorly chosen words at Outfest. At the end of the day, I hope my comments do not prevent us from having honest, thoughtful conversations about the significant barriers that make being an out actor in Hollywood an ongoing obstacle.”

Got that? He’s sorry about his wording, but not the message. But hey, he did make good on that last goal: starting a conversation about being out in Hollywood. ‘Cause it’s got gay activists in a tizzy … and Chace Crawford realizing that living with your cute co-star isn’t helping the gay rumors. Mission accomplished!