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“I told you so”: Liz Cheney’s gay sister responds to her u-turn on same-sex marriage

Liz Cheney on 60 Minutes
Liz Cheney on 60 Minutes (Photo: YouTube)

As we reported yesterday, GOP Rep. Liz Cheney (WY), who famously opposed same-sex marriage, has changed her view.

The public u-turn is personal to Cheney. Her own sister, Mary, is a lesbian and married her partner, Heather Poe in 2012. Liz attended the wedding and told the brides how happy she was for them.

Then, in 2013, Liz made a failed run for the Senate and came out against same-sex marriage during her campaign, much to her own sister’s disappointment.

Appearing on 60 Minutes on Sunday, Liz Cheney admitted she had been wrong. Watch below from the 9-minute mark.

“I was wrong,” she said. “I love my sister very much. I love her family very much. And I was wrong. It’s a very personal issue, and very personal for my family. I believe that my dad was right. And my sister and I have had that conversation.

“We need to work against discrimination of all kinds … Freedom means freedom for everybody.”

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Sister Mary, the youngest daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, took to Facebook to respond to the 60 Minutes airing. Re-posting a link to a news story on her sister’s interview, Mary said she was proud of her sister for changing her views.

“I love my sister very much and am so proud of her. It took a ton of courage to admit that she was wrong back in 2013 when she opposed marriage equality. That is something few politicians would ever do.

“I have nothing but respect and admiration for the strength of character she continues to show on a daily basis. We could certainly use a lot more leaders like Liz Cheney right now.

“And as her sister – I have one more thing that I just have to say.

“I told you so.”

Commentators praised her response.

“What would brothers and sisters do if they didn’t get to say I told you so every now and then! 💖” said one commentator.

“Mary, you have every right to be proud of Liz. I know how much it took for her to admit that she was wrong in opposing gay marriage and standing up to speak out against Trump,” said another.

Liz Cheney was one of only a handful of Republicans to support the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump after the January 6 riots in the capitol this year. That action, and her continuing criticism of Trump, have led to her becoming a pariah among the more right-wing sections of the party.

However, it should also be noted that although she’s changed her views on same-sex marriage, she’s still far from ally status.

In February she joined her Republican colleagues in voting against the passing of the Equality Act, which would enshrine legal protections for LGBTQ people into federal law.

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