Tolerate The Hate?


“Show some tolerance for those who currently espouse the traditional definition of marriage. In contrast to those angry activists who protested the passage of Proposition 8 by attacking Mormons, a large number of the initiative’s backers (but alas not all) have not expressed animosity toward gay people. Perhaps by showing some tolerance for their [i.e., opponents of gay marriage] concerns, gay activists might succeed in addressing them and persuading those backers to change their mind. So, let’s handle our differences of opinion peacefully, lest we learn, as did the Mormons, that angry responses serve only to shame us.” —GayPatriot bloggers Bruce Carroll and Dan Blat on how gay activists can learn from Prop 8 supporters. • We’re assuming Mssrs. Carroll and Blat don’t consider supporting Prop 8 to be the definition of “express[ing] animosity toward gay people.”