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Tom Brady and Troye Sivan share dueling sexy underwear pics in a true battle of the bulge

Image Credits: Instagram, @tombrady (left); Instagram. @troyesivan (right)

This weekend, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will go head-to-head in the Rihanna concert pre/post-show Super Bowl LVII.

But before that—in a post-season match-up no one saw coming—a famous footballer and a gay pop star are (unofficially) competing to see whose brand-sponsored thirst traps can get more attention.

Let’s call it… The Battle Of The Bulge.

For starters, fresh off the box office success of 80 For Brady, Super Bowl champion Tom Brady has stripped down to his underwear on social media, causing quite a stir.

After a final season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and allegedly retiring from the NFL for good, Brady is now free to dedicate time to the things that really matter… like promoting his Brady brand underwear.

On his Instagram story, the quarterback posted a mirror pic in nothing more than his briefs. Depending on who you ask, his hand is either tastefully covering his bulge—or just pretty suggestively grabbing his crotch.

Apparently Brady’s holding up his end of a bargain after promising he would “recreate” Brady brand photos if his tweet got over 40k likes. Not to nitpick, Tom, but that’s not necessarily a recreation.

Regardless, the photo made its way to Twitter, where many gays have noted that Brady’s undies shot looks an awful lot like every other thirst trap in their feeds:

Others have called attention to the fact that the recent divorcée’s photo—Brady split with supermodel Gisele Bündchen last fall after 13 years together—is pretty standard “new bachelor” fare:

As far as underwear ads go, it’s clearly working; we had no idea Brady had his own line of briefs until he decided to take his pants off and show us himself.

But Brady’s up against one of the titans of the underwear league, Calvin Klein, which has recruited musician Troye Sivan for its new World Pride campaign.

Ahead of the global LGBTQ+ celebration—which kicks off in Sydney later this month—the Australian pop star has unveiled new treasure trail-baring photos that show off some of the brand’s colorful briefs.

Steamiest of all is a video that Calvin Klein posted with the caption, “Does this count as a tease?,” showing off Sivan adjusting his waistline, giving that midriff some fresh air, and just generally looking great in some Calvins.

Yes, this very much counts as a tease!

The “Bloom” singer’s stans and admirers have come out in full force on social media, sharing their *ahem* appreciation for the Pride campaign:

With Brady and Sivan’s photos competing for attention, it’s been quite a thirsty morning on the the gay internet. Although, of course, we’d have to give to give the win to Sivan, since he’s actually playing for our team, if you know what we mean.

But where do you stand? Who’s your MVP: Most Valuable Peni—um… Most Valuable Poster?

We’re not taking it to an official vote, but here’s a place you can make your voice heard: Troye Sivan is one of this year’s Queerties nominees for Film Performance thanks to his work in the gay coming-of-age indie, Three Months. You can vote for him below, and support all of your faves here, now through February 21.