"I think it was a mistake not to make reference to Stonewall."

Tom Brokaw Grilled Again For Gay Absence

Tom Brokaw just can’t shake his straight-laced past! The newsman came under gay fire last year after neglecting to include gay folk in his temporal exploration, Boom! Voices of the Sixties, which examines America circa 1963-1974.

Following up on the story, The Advocate recently opened their pages to Brokaw, who says he feels “bad” about the exclusion:

: Obviously I feel bad. It was not that it wasn’t on my mind, but it was not the defining history of the ‘60s. I was trying to do the five big pillars, which in my judgment were race, war, politics, women, and culture. There were a number of important movements that also grew out of the ‘60s and certainly gay liberation was important among them…I think it was a mistake not to make reference to Stonewall. And we’re going to do that in subsequent editions.

Tacked on the end, perhaps?

Meanwhile, writer Charles Kaiser penned a scathing letter to Brokaw, which Portfolio‘s Jeff Bercovici published in full.

In other Advocate news, the magazine also just published their interview with queer senatorial candidate, Jim Neal, with whom we also recently had a chat. Keep your peepers peeled – we’ll be posting it later in the week.