Tom Campbell Attack Shows GOProud Loves Money More Than Marriage

So this is a new web (soon TV?) ad from GOProud, Jimmy LaSalvia and pin-up model Christopher Barron‘s treehouse club, attacking Tom Campbell, the current law professor and former five-term congressman who would like to become the next U.S. senator from California, unseating Barbara Boxer. He is a Republican who actually endorses gay marriage. But because he won’t pinky swear that, if elected, he won’t raise any taxes, GOProud is going after him him. Funny, because Campbell, billed as a “polite” politico, is running on a financial reform platform, something we know because when we Googled him, a sponsored link to his campaign website popped up that said “Proven record of restraining federal spending. Learn more.” Oh boy do we want to learn more!

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  • Cam

    Whoa, wait a second. So a supposed gay republican group is going after a pro-gay republican?! Are you fucking kidding me? Are they going to campaign against oxegen, food, and water next?!

  • Brown Gay Al

    At least they are focused on their priorities. Which is more than what you can say of the HRC.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 1 · Cam

    They surely would campaign against food and water if they could make a buck out of it.

    Since its obvious (to anyone with a brain, and heart) that there is a connection between anti-gay lobbies and the rise in animus toward LGBT persons (youth in particular), then GOProud proudly advocates children being brutalized and bullied to death.

    What’s a few dead kids when you can wear Prada shoes?

  • Brown Gay Al

    I am voting for Campbell if he gets out of the primaries. For far too long these NorCal liberal idiots like Boxer and Pelosi have made CA a welfare state hellhole.

  • B

    No. 3 · Brown Gay Al wrote, “I am voting for Campbell if he gets out of the primaries. For far too long these NorCal liberal idiots like Boxer and Pelosi have made CA a welfare state hellhole.”

    Neither Boxer nor Pelosi have made CA a “welfare state” of any sort if only because they are in Washington, not Sacramento, and therefore don’t get to vote on California laws. Nancy Pelosi’s constituents (remember, it is primarily San Francisco) voted for her because of her abilities – her political views are on the conservative side relative to her district but she is good at getting things done.

    As Mark Leno said (approximately) when he was term-limited out of the California State Assembly, “A lot of them think I’m the liberal. Wait till they see the liberal.” Mark was referring to his replacement, Tom Ammiano, who is sometimes jokingly described as being politically slightly to the left of Karl Marx. Tom won’t mind such jokes – at one time he was moonlighting as a standup comedian.

    See http://www.spill.com/Movie-Reviews/MovieReview.aspx?Name=See+How+They+Run&VideoId=293304
    for an example (Ammiano running against Willie Brown for mayor in an “only in San Francisco” election).

  • mattsmith

    I say lets have two pro-gay choices for California senate – I plan to cross over (as an independent I can vote in the republican primary) and vote for Tom. gay people MUST support those who stick their necks out to support us. Damn maybe I will send the dude some cash.

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