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  • Jack

    Sorry, mental ilness never equals ‘hottie’ with me. Especially if you accessorize it with Stepford wife and robot child.

  • Jon

    TC hot? Are you kidding me? He’s a mental case who promotes a crazed cult with their homophobic teachings and dangerous medical practices.

    How in the world can this site ever promote someone that does that??? I am a bit disgusted and disappointed by this post.

    Shame Queerty, shame. No more promoting of scientologists please.

  • bobp

    WTF is this? You flatter tc? The biggest closet case going? This is very disturbing to me. You should be blasting his ass into outer space instead of drooling over him. We gay men have got to stop this behavior, IT SCREAMS 12 year old girl.

  • dvlaries

    Did you read that this expert on post-partum depression and Matt Lauer have kissed and made up, now that former has a movie to plug, and the latter has shown he’s a pretty boy with zero journalistic cred, after that primetime hour when he could have nailed the lying Wide Stance to the wall and pussied out…?

  • tavdy79

    I’d shag Bush first.

    (and while there’s two ways you can take that – either of them would be true!)

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