Tom Cruise Offered Zac Efron Some Candid Advice On His Future

EfronI won’t talk specifically about those conversations but I think they were pretty candid and common sense driven. You have to be aware — and I am — of who you are and what you bring to the table and even more importantly how you are perceived. You really have to take into account what your place is, how you can shape that to what you want it to be in the future and what the steps are to get there.”


— Neighbors star Zac Efron in an interview discussing his career path from teen idol to leading man

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  • Cam

    Ugh, what a bunch of nothing/fluff. Are you sure this wasn’t an interview with Paula Abdul?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Run Lola, run.

  • Spike

    Sounds like scientology word salad.

  • Mezaien

    Advice form HOMO to HOMO.

  • Desert Boy

    The Xenus are expected to recruit new members. The more public stature and the bigger the bank account, the more brownie points you receive. I recall reading Tommyboy was letting Zac ride his fancy-pants motorcycle. But, the bromance never took hold and Zac Efron remains his own man.

  • hotshot70

    Tom told Zac to bend over the bed, then asked how limber he was. Hours later, Zac was crying about the Scientologist that molested him!

  • Billy Budd

    Tom Cruise is clinically insane, and he is not harmless, because he truly believes in what people tell him at the church of scientology.

  • Cam

    Didn’t I read on here that Efron had to go to rehab recently? Sounds about right, that’s when Scientology grabs them.

  • nevereclipsed81

    Efron seemed to take it, he’s further into the closet than he’s ever been.. And honestly, as much as it upsets me to say, it would be best for his career to stay there. Unless it causes him so much strife that he melts down completely, which we’ve seen before.

  • seaguy

    tom is trying to get zac to join the cult of scientology. please do not make that mistake zac, it is an awful cult and they will destroy you.

  • Cam


    Actually you make some sense. He is getting close to 30 and yet doesn’t really have a major relationship in his past. Kind of like Ricky Martin.

  • MrKev

    Enough already with the Zac Efron stories!

  • Captain Obvious

    How much is this site getting paid to spam it’s own visitors with garbage about Zac Efron?

    Do they not realize most gay men couldn’t care less about him? He’s not hot, he looks like Ricky Martin when he was trying to be “butch” before coming out, and there’s nothing talent worthy about him. He does not stand out, he’s not interesting, and his looks can’t carry him because HE IS NOT THAT ATTRACTIVE(mostly because he looks like a woman with all that makeup on… market him to straight men and lesbians).

    Move on. You’ve had your pay day now stop running off your readers with this trash.

  • NateOcean

    Interesting advice, and–considering the source–Efron would do well to do the exact OPPOSITE of what Cruise says. That is, if anyone can figure out what the hell he’s saying.

  • Blackceo


    Please…its a nice break from Tom Daley.

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