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Tom Cruise Used to Make a Lot of Terrible Gay Jokes. So He’s Definitely Gay


It’s not Tom Cruise’s arranged marriage, or those expensive male escort stories, or his allegiance to Scientology that make us think he’s a gay. It’s the actor’s record — in his young twenties — of inserting something anti-gay into normal conversation.

Tom’s Risky Business co-star Bronson Pinchot (yes, the Perfect Strangers fella) says that during filming, not only did Tom adopt the annoying habit of referring to everyone by their characters’ names, but he laced his off-set dialogue with homophobic banter. Pinchot tells AV Club:

We thought Tom [Cruise] was the biggest bore on the face of the Earth. He had spent some formative time with Sean Penn—we were all very young at the time, Tom was 20, I was 23. Tom had picked up this knack of calling everyone by their character names, because that would probably make your performance better, and I don’t agree with that. I think that acting is acting, and the rest of the time, you should be you, but he called us all by our character names. He was tense and made constant, constant unrelated homophobic comments, like, “You want some ice cream, in case there are no gay people there?” I mean, his lingo was larded with the most… There was no basis for it. It was like, “It’s a nice day, I’m glad there are no gay people standing here.” Very, very strange.

Oh, but there was retribution!

Years and years later when people started to torment him with that [about being gay], I used to think “God, that’s really fitting, because he tormented a lot of people as a 20-year-old.” He made such a big deal about it. Same thing with Eddie Murphy—I remember somebody calling and saying, “You’ll never guess who was just caught with a transvestite!” [Laughs.] And I remember thinking that seemed fitting, because there are certain people in showbiz who make it an agenda, every third sentence has to have something knocking that life choice, and you think, “What are you doing?” Like, these women came up to me in a restaurant—I was wearing a bright red shirt, and I was with some friends, and they said, “Would you like to join our club? We wear red.” What kind of choice is that? If you spent many years in the theater, and then you show up in movies, and people have on their to-do list for the day that they’re going to make a comment every third sentence, it strikes you as very strange. I just thought it was very funny that years later, that became his bugaboo. Which is a nice 1930s term I thought you’d enjoy.

[…] If someone’s 20 years old and every third line out of their mouth is anti-something specific, then draw your own conclusion. I thought it was very weird.

As history tells it, it’s always the guys saying “faggot this” and “gay that” who are the first to throw their ankles in the air.

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  • terrwill

    Me thinks he doeth protest too much……….vile little midget

  • Fitz

    WoW! A 20 y/o who called people “Fag”! That’s amazing! It must mean all sorts of things.

  • RuntLover

    makes sense —
    I think Tom’s sexual development was frozen at 17 — hence the rumored highschool wrestling singlet fetish scenarios with hustlers and admirers.

    Ofcourse we all know Tommy came to LA, got his teeth fixed

    then met some nice well-connected gays and became a superstar.

    Oh —
    and he also joined a crazy tax-emept cult that says gay is pathetic and harmful – and if you pay for enough courses you will become a superbeing where nothing BAD can happen in your life.
    (How did that work out for Travolta?)

  • marion

    Pinchot hasn’t been relevant or heard of for almost TWO DECADES, but he says something derogatory about Tom and its gospel? the rumors about Tom persist NOT because they’ve been proven, but because people for some reason NEED them to be true.
    I wish people would just let this rumor die- because that’s all it is a RUMOR. despite all the people who say they know or suspect otherwise THERE IS NO PROOF.

  • InExile

    Hotel Queen Leona Helmsley reportedly once said “TC is a fag”, which made me wonder if it was true. Usually hotel queens have very refined gaydar having so many gays working for them. Or possibly she just did not like him? Hmm???

  • InExile

    Hotel Queen Leona Helmsley reportedly once said “TC is a fag”, which made me wonder if it was true. Usually hotel queens have very refined gaydar having so many gays working for them. Or possibly she just did not like him???

  • RuntLover

    oh fuck off Marion. who asked you?

    You probably are an Operating Thetan Level 2


    true —
    Balki isnt relavent – but he also doesnt have to kiss ass and has good first hand accounts:

    he also says Eddie Murphy was a homophobe (he always did like the Tranny and their feet — and loves giving them rides)

    also he said Denzel and Bette Midler were assholes on the set.

  • joe

    More ignorant f**ks! Why don’t you all buy all the seasons of south park so you can all know what the truth to life is. Man I wish I could break all your necks with my own two hands. That is after I beat you till you beg for death!

  • RuntLover

    South Park rules.

    Did you see the Dead Celeb episode recently where all the dead celebs of 2009 were stuck in limbo in afterlife (a grounded plane on the tarmac) waiting for Michael Jackson to return to his seat.

    Jacko’s soul was at unrest (and was carrying excess baggage)
    and he possessed the little brother.

    The kids entered him in drag to a toddler tiara pageant, because Jacko needed to finally become what he always wanted – a pretty little white girl winner.

  • GrandPoobah

    I believe it, even if Pinchot’s little rant does seem absurdly immature….Tom Cruise, creepy psycho runt, hates the fact that he was ‘once’ the object of male desire. Scientology is just weird enough to assign him leader.

    I bet Mary Pickford is rolling in her grave over what those Hollyweirdos have done to her town!

  • joe

    My comments are aimed at all you anti-Scientology cowards. I should do a drive by on you Nazis next time you p*ssies protest outside of a Church. Naw, all I have to do is walk right up to you cowards and beat some sense into you Nazis. Damn, I’ll be beaten ass for a long time, considering you have no sense. Any of you A-hole anon cowards up to it?

  • tina chow

    @ Joe

    Did you have PCP for breakfast?

    Yes, I don’t believe in scientology because it was created by a charlatan named L. Ron Hubbard. Scientologists? Sterile new age devotees infesting Hollywood, of course, which is defined by image control and behavior.

    Its no more to be believed in than say, your wisdom.

  • joe

    You know I thought we lived in a world were men and women gave there lives to eradicate Nazi ideology. Hum… I guess they died in vain.

  • Alex Sarmiento

    Bronson Pinchot may not be “relevant” in today’s terms, but he’s done well for himself since Perfect Strangers ended. He may not be a megastar, but I bet he’d rather be where he is right now and sleep well at night, than make $20 million per film and be the biggest asshole or cunt on the planet.

  • Steve

    Joe, $cientology isn’t working out too well for you is it?

  • Bob

    Godwin’s Law!

  • Paul

    I wish tom would just jump in his scientology spaceship and get the fuck off of our planet.

  • RuntLover

    Joe obviously has a hemmorhoid bigger than his brain.

    Remember folks, a major studio CEO / Sumner Redstone told Tom Cruise to take his production company and fuck off. Tommy was royal pain in the ass with a rampant ego who lost his fucking mind from being coddled by a bogus church and fighting his own personal demons.

    Redstone estimated that Cruise’s antics – acting wacky, ripping into psychiatry, firing his professional publicist – were the key elements in the star’s downfall: “When did I decide [to fire him]? I don’t know. When he was on the ‘Today’ show? When he was jumping on a couch at ‘Oprah’? He changed his handler, you know, to his sister [LeAnne Devette] – not a good idea.”

    Now if we can just get Ben Stiller to jump off a cliff —
    or lose half his money via divorce.

    Fuck all the assholes in Hollywood – some celebs have integrity to calls it as they sees ’em – whether its homophobic/uptight closet cases (or Tranny lovers) or vile pricks (Denzel Washington) or
    rude cunts (Bette Midler).

    Remember what the 60 year beloved showbiz vet Jimmy Durante said:
    “Be awfully nice to them going up – because you’re gonna see them all again on the way down.”

  • cruiser

    @runtlover: Let’s hear it for the “Schnozz” cause he was right in more ways than one, you gotta be nice to them goin up ’cause guaranteed you WILL see them ALL on the way DOWN and it won’t be pretty!!

  • Susan

    Dun’d be Reedikulous. What does Bronson Pinchot have to lose, in telling us what we already know — that most ‘movie stars’ are a bunch of psychotic freak shows? Every time the Oscars roll around, I pray that someone nukes the Kodak Theatre and wipes them entirely off the face of the planet. With the exception of a few Hollywood humanitarians (and you know who they are), they add no value to our world, are easily interchangable/replaceable, and spend little time thinking about the rest of us out heree living in the real workaday world. They’re kind of like investment bankers, only prettier and a lot more greedy.

  • me

    he has always struck me as creepy. people just didn’t wanna see it until the whole scientology thing exploded because he was still pretty. now everyone’s more than willing to be creeped out by him.

  • insufferable_know_it_all

    Tom Cruise makes me sick because he pretends to be straight and he’s the worst actor on the face of this earth. Every movie he does it’s Tom Cruise as…”Tom Cruise.” Every Time. Johnny Depp is the best actor on the face of this earth. He melds into his character, becomes one w/ his character.

    Go home, Tom Cruise.

  • Criswell

    It is rather funny that a sect pyramid-scheme fraud org created by
    a deranged sci-fi writer in the 50s found that new millineum technology / ie: internet info sharing (and not their dreaded enemy: psychology) would bring cracks in its foundation and shed light on its ludicrous fundamental beliefs and despicable practices.

    Thankfully France called it a fraudulent sect — not a church.
    Germany too.

    Sadly – in the USA — you can buy your way to tax-exempt status with our government.

  • Vera Waitress

    I once saw a check from an entertainment company to Tom Cruise for a film he had done in the amount of $12 million dollars, and it had $6 million taken out in taxes! Can you feckin’ imagine giving the US government anything with that many zeros? I saw it with my own eyes.

    Anyone who gives the US government as much money as that kid has definitely deserves his own religion. Hell, let him use the world as a forum to display his transparent adolescent defense mechanisms–everybody learns, step by step. Some of us, publicly. He’ll come around.

    And let’s face it. Scientology is a made up religion. That’s its point. Volcanoes spewing and the story of Xenu… why not? All the world’s other religions are creative entitities designed to explain the nature and purpose of the universe, why can’t Ron Hubbard and his merry band do it too?

    However, the only thing I don’t see Scientology’s followers doing is helping others with basic necessities–food, clothing and shelter. And sharing a message of joy. Overall, they seem secretive, grumpy and decidedly uncharitable. But as long as they’re paying their taxes, (and in this case a massive quantity) let ’em do what they want.

  • escort

    It would not surprise me to see Katie and their kid outing Tom permanently in a few years. There have been rumors for a long time about Tom’s sexuality – it’s just too bad he’s not man enough to embrace it.

  • Roger Ramjet

    @ JOE:

    Hollywood and Vine at 12pm on December 3rd, 2009. I will be wearing a Dodger Blue Jacket, with a rainbow Patch over the left front ‘pocket’ area.

    Name’s Roger. I’ll meet you there for that ass beating, Mr. “I can say anything on the net cause I’m Anonymous’.

    You might want to bring some friends though. I am 235, 6′ 1” and have been fighting Mixed Martial arts for 12 years. I have been featured on MTV’s Bully Beatdown twice.

    I am ready to put your hatred to the test.

    I am also gay.

    What say? Want a piece? See you there!

  • Brent

    TC has 2 young men in his trailer on site at all sets
    nondusclosure docs need to be signed by all working on the set or they will be fired and blacklisted
    he is gay
    in Hollywood it’s not just the movies that are fake

  • MsTeri

    In ’86, I was dating a guy who had a thing for transvestites and I, being the free-spirited chick I was, found it kinda hot. One night, we were cruising NYC’s Meatpacking district, around 13th St and 10th Ave, and we saw Eddie Murphy in his black Corvette apparently trying to get into the same thing my BF was trying to get into–another dude’s mouth and/or butt. There is no doubt in my mind that Pinchot is speaking the truth, and that lil Tommy Cruisin is as queer as a chocolate orange.

    It’s so true: the biggest homophobes ARE the first with their ankles in the air.

  • Scientology is for Retards

    I don’t think Tom Cruise is gay, and here’s why: He’s been one of the most famous people on the planet for more than 25 years. And aside from one or two not-very-credible men who had everything to gain from claiming they’ve had sex with him, there hasn’t been a single substantive report of him having relationships with men.

    We’re talking two and a half decades here, an eternity for someone who is used to having everything they want — you can’t tell me there wouldn’t be an indiscretion here and there even if he was extremely cautious.

    Secondly, the bit about him having boys on call and everything tidily taken care of with non-disclosure agreements doesn’t really make sense — to do that, he’d have to have people drafting, editing, presenting and collecting those documents, expanding the pool of people who “know.” And like any secret, it’s exponentially more likely to be revealed with each person who’s trusted with it. All it takes is one guy who blabs to his wife over the dinner table, with just enough detail to seal its validity, and Tom Cruise would be forced out of the closet.

    As for the denials, and the lawsuits — all that fits in with the profile of a guy who at one point peppered his speech with anti-gay language. But some people really are homophobic without actually being gay, and it’s not inconceivable that Tom Cruise is one of them.

    We’re tired of seeing him in movies, and we’re tired of his sanctimonious Scientology-inspired rants. Overall, he’s pretty much a douchebag. But gay? I think if he was, we’d know for sure after 25 years.

  • Freddie Gay Boy

    Well I guess he ain’t coming out in this lifetime as much as we want to see his pretty little face humbled. We can just look into the future and hopefully see ourselves looking back and laughing while saying” I told you so- he’s gay! That explains the self loathing! Oh only if he had sought help from other gay friends. Well I guess he’s our modern day Rock Hudson!!”

  • oneself

    The over-emphasised homophobia and alignment with a pseudo-religion/cult say enough for me. Just another creepy monster created by the Hollywood celebrity machine. Yuk.

  • Tony

    I really don’t care if Tom Cruise is gay. He is a fake and not so much of a good actor. I quit liking him since that Utube where he thinks that his people (scientologist) are better than the rest of us. As far as I’m concerned even if he chooses never to come out, it wouldn’t matter to me. Especially with the so-called comments he used to make about us gay people. Stay in he closet, I really don’t care either way. I don’t watch his movies anymore and he comes across a a nut job. Do us all (gay) favor and stay in the closet. But don’t give advise to the world when you can’t even be true to yourself. Buy an island and go live there with your fake wife and child. I don’t care for him anymore and I think his thoughts on gay people are only hurting him more especially all his scientologist bullshit. Get on your spaceship and go to your home fake planet. He who thinks is greater than the rest of us. Boo, boo, booo!

  • Carol Brandt

    I don’t think that Tom Cruise is gay at all!! Just like other Hollywood actors – he has lots of women after him. He is tiny in stature, which would attribute to his trying to assert himself in a more positive lite as a person who is not interested in the gay gender, because he was defending himself as a real male even if he isn’t 6 feet tall. He is one hunk of a man and seems to be all male to me. I love his acting – and I have a lot of beliefs that Scientologists have – and they seem to be much better and more in line with what Jesus said to the Magdelane than the church that Peter built. As far as them not helping others – why!!! People need to keep trying to make others feel sorry for their plight and look for handouts and take care of their own and their problems themselves. It would be a much better world to live in. Please leave this Hollywood hunk alone – and you gay guys just drool, because he isn’t for you. I think that the gays should be hurded to the ocean and made to plunge so we can have a much healthier existance. As far as his having men around to help – why not!! Most people with stature and money have people to assist them and I don’t see why all the hoopla over his choice of using males instead of females. I don’t think his wives want females to attend to his needs or be his butlers. I mean think about it – you people are just trying to dig up something that doesn’t exist – try getting lives of your own and leave this beautiful person alone. And, he is truly beautiful inside and out.

  • Carol Brandt

    Excust me – I meant to say that “people need to stop trying to make others feel sorry for their lot in life – and take care of their own problems themselves. We are a nation that has been looked on in the way that we are supposed to be there and save everybody from their bad decisions and choices. And, I just don’t see that it is fair or the way that it should be. Helping your immediate family is the way to go – not taking all of your resources and giving to people who don’t want to take care of themselves in the first place. It makes no sense!! Our whole economy is falling apart from our helping so many in need who can’t stand on their own and don’t want to —

  • gilber

    carol:I think that the gays should be hurded to the ocean and made to plunge so we can have a much healthier existance.

    hahahahaha yes because a male doing oral sex to a bloody vagina and swallowing who knows what kind of putrid uterine secretion is so healthy and manly!! (i’m rolling my eyes). get over it sweetheart, that’s called hermaphroditism,with one hand they masturbate they cock and with the other rubbing a clit,YUK!!! what a fake sexual belonging and delusion.
    the damages that the heterosexual(psudohomosexuality) has done to society both material and ethereal is countless.working children ,children with HIV,orphans,hungry children, children sexual trafficking etc

  • Jacques

    @Susan: Oh Susan….how sad you must be. Did a famous movie star pee in your cheerios? Get a life. Everyone knows or everyone should know that these people work and live in the land of make-believe. If their fantasy world doesn’t turn you on, then power down your tv, radio and don’t go to the theatre or the cinema. No one is forcing you to pad the pockets of these rich (the vast majority of whom deserve to be rich) and talented and hard-working artists.

    When you think about it, they are well paid but sacrifice a lot to bring fantasies and escapist entertainment to life. And, dare I mention the invauable and cheap form of therapy by enlightening the human condition with stories like “Sophie’s Choice,” Raging Bull,” “Brokeback Mountain,” “Crash,” “The Deer Hunter,” “One Flew Over The Cukoo’s Nest,” “Precious,” ans on and on and on.

    Don’t be so cynical, pessimistic and terroristic. Lighten Up.

  • Pucifer

    I heard that Tom Cruise was gay 20 years ago when we both lived in NYC. So he joined a cult and got a “beard” because hiding in the closet is what keeps those $20 million paydays coming… Jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch? Sit down, Tom, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Kevin


    Fuck up Boy. I saw your mom the other day in front of me in line at 7-11. I asked the cashier for a hot dog but your sweet mama discouraged me, saying that 7-11 meat is nothing but crap. Instead, she took me home, made me a sandwich, and let me plow her on the kitchen table.


    Who should care if his tongue has a permanent imprint of a penis on it? I really could not care less. Its a very boring topic and speculation.

  • Cam

    @joe: said…

    “My comments are aimed at all you anti-Scientology cowards. I should do a drive by on you Nazis next time you p*ssies protest outside of a Church.”

    But you won’t do that Joe, because if you had any ability to take control of your life, follow through on anything or deal with the real world you would have never gotten sucked into a cult like Scientology in the first place.

    As for Cruise, either he’s a self hating pathetic closet case, or a twisted, nut-job homophobe. Either way he’s pathetic and way past his “Sell by” date.

  • Cassandra

    It’s true. He’s queer as a 3 dollar bill. The only reason that there hasn’t been any real “proof” of it is because the Church of Scientology protects him and all it’s members and even go as far as making people disappear if they threaten to come forward with any proof/evidence of their members being gay or bisexual. The C.O.S. is very powerful but is also as EVIL as it gets. I know for a fact because I heard first hand from a former member who is actually still in hiding because they threatened to kill him if he left. He wouldn’t even tell me where he lived because he was so terrified that they would somehow find him. Once you’re in with that cult, there is no out. You’re in for life. This church along with the FreeMasons/Illuminati ALL are one in the same and share the same beliefs and rule the entertainment industry. If you believe any different you are in denial or too blind to see.

  • ted

    You arent gonna whoop anybodys ass you little pussy. you talkin shit in a comment section? your so tough.

  • Larry

    wow…this one has some weird replies. AND CAROL BRANDT??? where the hell did you wander in from?

  • Sydney S.

    I’m one of those odd people who doesn’t believe that he’s gay. People say they’ve seen, heard, or was told that Cruise was bi/gay. Honestly, it’s all heresay, none of these claims ever come from credible sources.

    He’s eccentric, but I do not see how that constitutes to being gay. Weird personality = liking the same sex, that’s a big jump in logic.

    I’m not a Christian, but I’m not one to bear false witness to someone on things that I am not completely sure that are true and its not necessary. It’s not going to make me feel better (or make my life greater) knowing some famous celebrity is gay, lesbian, bi, or trans, while it’s the same I’m not going to get all excited because a new exotic looking celebrity has a black parent in their background. It really is not going to change anyone’s life if Cruise is find out to be gay, bi, or oddly obsessed and vain heterosexual man.

  • Max the Communist

    Tom Cruise loves Tom Cruise. Maybe that’s gay, but only in an autoerotic sense.

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