Tom Daley Admits He’s A Fan Of Zac Efron’s “Perfect Body”

2-split-profileTom Daley confirmed himself to be a huge Zac Efron fan in a new interview with Attitude, adding that he thinks Zac has “a great body.” Attention creators of Tumblr fan fiction: this is your queue!

Tom’s confession is out now in the November issue of Attitude, the cover of which he graces as the magazine’s “Man of the Year.” At an awards ceremony celebrating the accolade last weekend, he thanked his boyfriend Dustin Lance Black for being supportive.

But back to the important details about Tom Daley’s body crush on Zac Efron:

“I don’t normally watch many films, so I’m terrible with actors’ names,” says Daley, when asked who his favourite actor is. “But I think it would have to be Zac Efron in Bad Neighbours.”

When asked which male celebrity has the perfect body, Daley replies: “I think Zac Efron has a great body…I see a pattern emerging…[laughs].”

Yes, Tom does seem to have a thing for bodies, doesn’t he? Let’s get these two on a show together, preferably sharing a harness.