Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Adorably Walk First Red Carpet Together

article-2618514-1D7BC15200000578-167_634x867In his first interview publicly acknowledging that he is, in fact, dating Tom Daley, Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black says he’s “very proud” of his teenage man.

The pair walked their first red carpet as a couple in London this week before attending the annual Battersea Power Station party, both sporting denim looks and matching leather jackets.

“He’s the best thing,” Black told The Sun earlier this week. “I’m very proud. Everything Tom has said about being in love I feel and echo probably more.”

On the topic of Tom’s coming out video, posted to YouTube last December, Black added “I couldn’t have written it better. He can do whatever he sets his mind to.”

Though the couple has yet to talk about marriage in a public forum, the Daily Mail reports DLB moved into Tom’s London apartment recently. “I’m enjoying it here,” Black said. “I only have to show my face in L.A. so they don’t think I’ve died.”