Tom Daley And Dustin Lance Black Adorably Walk First Red Carpet Together

article-2618514-1D7BC15200000578-167_634x867In his first interview publicly acknowledging that he is, in fact, dating Tom Daley, Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black says he’s “very proud” of his teenage man.

The pair walked their first red carpet as a couple in London this week before attending the annual Battersea Power Station party, both sporting denim looks and matching leather jackets.

“He’s the best thing,” Black told The Sun earlier this week. “I’m very proud. Everything Tom has said about being in love I feel and echo probably more.”

On the topic of Tom’s coming out video, posted to YouTube last December, Black added “I couldn’t have written it better. He can do whatever he sets his mind to.”

Though the couple has yet to talk about marriage in a public forum, the Daily Mail reports DLB moved into Tom’s London apartment recently. “I’m enjoying it here,” Black said. “I only have to show my face in L.A. so they don’t think I’ve died.”


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  • jazz4108

    Very cute couple. My only regret is I did not get to Tom first since he likes a little older guy. Just kidding. I enjoy hearing about these two as they represent a lot of what is good in our community. Nice article queerty and keep it up.


    I’d rather see these two get face time than Johnny Weir and his train wreck. I know they have some difference in age, but they are both youngsters to me. I’m glad to see more gay power couples in the press for good relationships. I hope the intense media interest doesn’t cause them problems.

  • barkomatic

    I stopped reading at “matching leather jackets” as I had an immediate need to visit the restroom and vomit.

  • Cam

    I hope that the media doesn’t conveniently forget to show them here in America.

    They seem to have a really easy time pretending gay couples don’t exist.

  • TerrenM

    Red carpet or green grass?

  • truckproductions

    ew.. it’s like a hip dad and his high schooler son.. just creepy that a grown man Dustin’s age would even consider dating someone that young. barf

  • ingyaom

    Is the adoption final?

  • hotboyvb81

    he did write the coming out….total Svengali here!

  • hotboyvb81

    @Cam: we also don’t give much attention to writers and bronze medalists- it’s stars and gold in America, baby!

  • Mr. Z

    @hotboyvb81: Ohmigod Doug McCall, I mean, @DougMcCl92, I mean hotboyvb81, did Tom and DLB personally scorn you? You do nothing but spew hate about them all over Queerty and Twitter constantly. It’s rather sad actually.

  • hotboyvb81

    oh my god dr pyro, I mean Mr Z, you REALLY need to stop stalking me!!!!!

  • hotboyvb81

    @hotboyvb81: what;s really sad is you refuse to let people have an opinion or free speech without stalking them around the net!

  • lkeels

    @truckproductions: Sounds like you’re jealous, dude….get a life.

  • capsule

    Your Twitter account was suspended for sending multiple abuse tweets to Tom Daley and DLB. Freedom of speech is not freedom from the public consequences of that speech. You are the sad miserable man who needs to get a life and stop abusing Tom and his boyfriend.

  • Merv

    The only thing that bothers me is watching Daley innocently set himself up for the crushing disappointment of being unceremoniously dumped when DLB finds his next boy toy.

  • rickyboi7

    I think he’ll bounce back!

  • Jake357

    I have no prob with their age dif. I was a total daddy hunter at his age. My prob is I find DLB totally blech. But if that cute little chipmunk is happy…

  • rickyboi7

    talk about miss match! i don’t find DLB attractive in the least bit. am i alone?

  • Cee

    That’s not gonna last LOL I hate to be that guy, but it’s not gonna work. Mark my words.

  • hotboyvb81

    @capsule: no it wasn’t- I had multiple accounts…I love all the stalkers here!

  • Mr. Z

    So many jealous, bitter queens on here. Also, for those who claim it won’t last? It already has. They’ve been together for over a year now, and people have been screeching about how they’re doomed to break up since the day they came out as a couple 5 months ago. Guess what? They’re still together despite what you think about them.

  • Cee

    @barkomatic: lol That’s so Junior High. Two adult gay men acting like adolescents. So typical. Gay men need to grow up first then maybe the relationship will stand a chance.

  • Cee

    @Mr. Z: A year is nothing. Especially for two people with such careers that keep them so busy they may go weeks or months without seeing each other. Won’t last. Mark up my words.

  • Aromaeus

    As long as they are happy and their isn’t some weird power dynamic going on behind the scenes, that’s all that matters.

  • rickyboi7

    Mind me, I wish them the best, but i just don’t see it.

  • Mr. Z

    Gee, it’s almost as if people are hoping that this won’t last? I wonder why that is. Hmmm. Let me guess, you’re no better than the average teenage girl who dreams of marrying Tom.

  • Mr. Z

    @Cee: Hmmm a year is nothing? Nate Berkus got engaged to his boyfriend after only 8 1/2 months, and Lance Bass got engaged to his after 18 months. Tom & DLB are at 14 months and counting. It’s long enough.

  • rickyboi7

    stop drinking!

  • CWfan

    Yes, multiple accounts (DougMcCall1992, aagold76, hotboyvb81 – where you were pretending to be 3 different people), from which you were sending multiple abusive tweets to Tom Daley, Dustin Lance Black, his friends, etc. Would that be accurate?

    Then here on Queerty, I believe you used to be dougmc92 (on JUB too?), where you also spewed hate towards Tom and Dustin until you got suspended. Would that be correct?

    And you accuse other people of being stalkers – quite ironic, really! ;-)

  • montserrat

    I normally think it’s creepy when there’s such a large gap in age between couples but they really do seem to care for each other quite a bit. It’s really endearing actually.

  • David Nichols

    @rickyboi7: some people actually pick their relationships on more than just physical appearance, believe it or not.

  • rickyboi7

    not gay men!


    I still haven’t gotten over not being able to be the first one to dive into Tom…………….

  • unbiasedparrot

    Awww Tom is beaming! He is so lovely. If something goes wrong i will take good care of him. x

  • dazzer

    There’s this weird thing going on among some aspects of the American gay population that Tom Daley is some witless infant being taken advantage of by super creepy Dustin Lance Black.

    In the UK, Tom Daley is massively protected by his mother, his brother and every other member of his family. He’s also massively protected by by his own. personal managers, the British diving team’s media managers and the brands he represents.

    Although there are 60 million people in Britain, the PR companies aren’t that big or devolved from everyone else. Were the Daley/Lance Black relationship anything other than it seems, I promise you that there would have been leaks by now.

    Those simply haven’t existed.

    Tom Daley is cute and he’s pretty, but he is also academically a higher scorer than other young men and women in his age range. Irrespective of his sporting prowess (being a World Champion and all that), his academic results mean that any university would take him incredibly seriously as a candidate. Daley is simply not an idiot.

    His academic result sare fantastic, but he didn’t get a damn A-Level from having a damn anonymously judged result from having good abs. He got his top-class, anonymous, academic results from being good at thinking and writing and explaining why he thought stuff.

    American gays don’t get this. They – generally – seem to think that getting an Oscar is everything. The vast majority (around 4 billion) don’t give a damn about an Oscar because it means nothing to them.

  • hotboyvb81

    @CWfan: it’s funny- I’m guessing you are drpyromaniac, Mr Z, etc…I merely comment on posts about Tom- free speech/opinion….you guys/guy follow me around the web passing out my email address, etc. I haven’t tweeted Tom in 3-4 months- find someone else to stalk- I have every right to express an opinion…I didn’t hate Tom until you- now, knowing the bitch slapping you’ll give me- I’m nauseated everytime I see his name!

  • hotboyvb81

    oh- and as for using multiple names/accounts- that’s the pot calling the kettle black- I may be hotboy and dougmc- I’m not aagold- that’s my friend Nadia…you on the other hand- are quacka quacka at JUB, another name at Famousmales, drpyromaniac at twitter, MrZ, Capsule and a few other here at Queerty- you need to stop stalkng and preaching- because you are 10 times worse than I ever was!!!

  • odawg

    @barkomatic: LOL! So true.

  • newecreator

    At least there’s little height difference.

  • capsule

    I am not “MrZ”. And I only post at Famousmales and Queerty. You have NO evidence to back up your stupid claims.

  • CWfan


    Before I respond to your posts, I’d just like to say how dashing I think Tom and Dustin look in that photo. :-)

    I think you need to stop digging a hole for yourself, because you are just making things worse. I am only writing what I write in defence of the accusations you are making, and to highlight the lies you are telling…

    I know who I am, and I am not Mr.Z or capsule. For the record, I haven’t created multiple site accounts, here or elsewhere, I don’t have an account on JUB or Famousmales, nor have I passed out your email address. I think you should stop

    making wild accusations, or at least be more specific as to who you are accusing of being whom and doing what. Oh, and you might call me a stalker, but I prefer to think of myself as more of a cyber-detective :-) And, it’s interesting you choose to call me a stalker – a bit like a school bully complaining of being bullied when a big kid steps in to stop them bullying a little kid.

    Incidentally, if someone is passing out your (presumably) private email address, then I suggest you complain to whichever website(s) it is posted on and ask them to remove it, as posting private information is probably against their Terms of Use.

    Yes, you have a right to free speech/opinion, but, as capsule (whoever they may be) so eloquently put it “Freedom of speech is not freedom from the public consequences of that speech” – for example, being banned/suspended from sites for breaking their posting Rules, or being exposed as a lier. So, go ahead and continue exercising your “rights”, but you should perhaps stop using “free speech” as a tool to hide behind, or being surprised that your actions have consequences.

    I’ll be honest – I don’t like people who write abusive, etc. comments, and then use the “right to free speech/opinion” defence when someone complains about what they wrote, as if that somehow justifies what they wrote. As an example, someone might have a “right” to write lies in a post, but they can’t use “free speech” as a defence for writing those lies as if that somehow excuses the fact that they lied in the first place. I can’t imagine anyone using that as a defence in, for example, a defamation lawsuit, can you?

    Interestingly, you wrote “I didn’t hate Tom until you- now, knowing the bitch slapping you’ll give me- I’m nauseated everytime I see his name!”.
    I love the idea that you seem to be blaming others for turning you against Tom. Oh, and I don’t believe you when you say “…I didn’t hate Tom until you-…”. I believe it started much earlier than that – when Tom never replied to any of your numerous tweets to him and/or you became convinced he was lying about his sexuality (even before he came out). Clearly, the “why” is just my theory, but the “when” is not!

    Oh, and you should be aware that I wouldn’t say that about the “when” unless I knew it to be true. I would be happy, if you so request it, to provide proof.

    And, let’s not just make this about Tom, because it isn’t – are you also going to blame others for the hate you direct towards Dustin Lance Black, in your lying and/or nasty comments about him here and elsewhere?

    So, you admit to operating 2 fake accounts on Twitter. Do you still deny sending abusive tweets from both of these accounts, as I indicated above?
    And, you’re telling me that aagold76 (who also had their account suspended) was your friend Nadia? Oh, so Nadia was pretending to be a gay man and also posting abusive tweets to Tom Daley/Dustin Lance Black? Is that correct? And they knew that you were operating 2 accounts from which you were sending similar abusive tweets? So, the two of you were undertaking a concerted effort to attack Tom and Dustin on Twitter?
    Even though that would be quite bad in itself, I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you. For sure, I wouldn’t have previously written that the aagold76 account was one of the multiple accounts you were using on Twitter unless I knew it to be true (or, at least, had proof beyond any reasonable doubt – should I provide it?).

    BTW, maybe you should read the Queerty Terms of Use before writing any future posts…

    “You agree not to post, submit, or otherwise make available Content:
    …that is false, deceptive, misleading, deceitful, misinformative…”

  • hotboyvb81

    claims- all your posts are written exactly the same- posting my personal info- site info- they’re identical- from 1 site to another….and are your claims about me true- do you have proof I’m 3 different people. Look- you have an opinion, I have one that different…but all your posts are off topic and about me- how is that relevant to the site????

  • hotboyvb81

    no- I don’t have twitter- suspended

  • hotboyvb81

    Honestly- I wish this was over- you guys have made me basically suicidal- I pretty much hate everything now!

  • Gans

    @rickyboi7: Please do not generalise. Are you gay?

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