Tom Daley Captured on Diving Board by Google StreetView

tom daley street viewOlympic champ and lovable imp Tom Daley is hiding in your Googles!

Take a walking tour of the London Aquatics Centre in Stratford, and climb all the way up to the edge of the diving platform, and bam — Tom is standing there nonchalantly, spread eagle, ready to plunge into the pool. Or to allow passers-by to sniff his armpits. Whatever.

It’s all part of Google’s mission to catalog all of the world’s information. In this case, the information is that Tom Daley is a god among men. Now you are aware of it.

Tom, you are surely aware, has been in the news frequently as of late. Not because he’s been doing any particularly newsworthy diving, but because he is just so beautiful and fun that you will click on any headline that has his name in it. If we wrote “Tom Daley Mows His Lawn, not the Diver but Some Other Regular Guy Who Just Happens to Have the Same Name,” you’d be reading that article right now.

Nevertheless, no Tom Daley article would be complete without a photo gallery, so here’s what you’ve been waiting for: a gallery of diving boards!

pool and board

diving board

penguin on a diving board

Hahaha, just kidding, here’s a bunch of pictures of Tom, plus one bonus one of Tom Delay.



Tom-Daley (1)

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Tom Daley Photo Shoot GIF 1

tom daley


tom delay mug shot