Tom Daley Congratulated By Greg Louganis, Ben Cohen, Ricky Martin, Neil Patrick Harris, Others

tom-daleyTom Daley‘s big reveal that he’s happily dating a man was met with the usual scorn by professional gay haters such as the Westboro clan, but happily there’s also been an outpouring of support for the 19-year-old British Olympic diver to balance out the f-bombs. Considering that Daley has nearly 2.5 million followers on Twitter, the news has unsurprisingly made, ahem, a huge splash. Below read some of the congratulatory tweets from numerous other out entertainers, athletes and allies.

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  • Elloreigh

    So naturally some people are asking stuff like, “Is he bi, then? Gay pretending to be bi? ‘Straight’ up to now but fell for a particular guy? Confused? Still figuring it out?”

    And of course, someone will inevitably label it a publicity stunt.

    But here’s what I think: Why not just be happy for him without insisting that we or he put a label on it? Self-discovery is a lifelong process. Tom is on a personal journey, and being a public figure, has decided to let us in on a part of that.

    When I think about how scary coming out was for me back in the day, then try to imagine what it must be like to come out as a public figure, I can’t really begin to imagine how terrifying the latter must be.

    So, good for him.

  • DShucking

    @Elloreigh: Bi, gay and straight are not labels. They’re sexual orientation. Why do you have a problem with that?

  • Camsean01

    Well done Tom. We are proud of you.

  • CaptainFabulous

    @DShucking: They ARE labels, and not everyone fits neatly into one. So yeah, I have a problem with that.

  • Paul

    If he’s happy, then I’m happy for him.

  • Elloreigh

    @DShucking: Those words are in fact the labels we apply to sexual orientation, but they don’t begin to describe all the nuances and layers that makeup one’s sexual identity (and they arguably encompass more than sexual behavior, too).

    As a result, “bisexual” ends up being used as a catchall for a number of significantly different things, and some people identify as “gay” or “straight” as a convenient way of describing their relationships rather than their orientation of attraction.

    And you’re actually mistaken in assuming that I have a problem with people using these labels. In fact, I personally identify as gay. If there’s a problem, it’s with people labeling other people based on assumptions, conjecture, speculation, etc.

    My point is that Tom hasn’t publicly announced that he is ‘gay’ or ‘bi’; he’s only said that he “fancies girls” but is dating a man. Whatever label we might try to tack on that will probably end up falling short or being wrong.

    By all means, use whatever label you want for yourself, and if someone else has told you what label they prefer for themselves, use that as well. I’m just saying don’t presume to apply a label to someone who hasn’t identified themselves in that way. It becomes a means of trying to control a part of someone’s life that no one else has any business trying to control in the first place.

  • Bee Gaga

    Congratulations kiddo. Just 2-3 months ago he was talking about how he was completely not gay. So either he was clearly lying or he falls super fast

  • newecreator

    @Elloreigh: Wait until something comes up because you can’t jump onto conclusions!

  • Anne J. Pine

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