The week in leaks

Tom Daley in distress about leaked, ultra-revealing selfies

According to The Sun, Olympic diver Tom Daley is experiencing “fresh anguish” after some nude photos were leaked online.

The tabloid reports the selfies were taken while Daley was involved in a “secret relationship” back in 2016 and feature him “posing naked in his bedroom.”

The photos feature Daley gazing at the camera, wearing nothing but his Olympic ring.

A source tells The Sun, “The pictures are old. From 2016, way before Tom and Lance were married.”

“They are from a time where they split for a few months, which they have both talked about previously, but they reunited.”

Daley and husband Dustin Lance Black were married last year.

The Sun reports lawyers are trying to get the photographs taken down from whatever websites happen to be sharing them.

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