Tom Daley Gets Wet, Ashley McKenzie Gets Ripped & Zac Efron Flips With His Daddy This Week On Instragram

Cleanse your online soul of everything Nash Grier, everything Jessie Colter and everything Zac Efron with the abundance of shirtless selfies posted to Instagram this week.

(Just kidding about Zac Efron. We’ll never stop talking about him.)

Tom Daley teaches young divers how to flex their rock hard abs for photos dive in Xian, China.

Beyonce performs in a custom gown, imagined, designed, created, fitted and photographed by gay men. How’s that for cultural appropriation?

Former Big Brother: UK contestant and gigantic dick owner Ashley McKenzie goes to judo training camp in Spain.

Adam Lambert seems to be enjoying his summer gig as a Freddie Mercury drag king.

Michael Sam, the most masculine-looking man to ever don a shawl.

Andy Cohen takes a moody selfie with his dog Wacha, who also posted lazy Friday selfies from his own Instagram account.

Zac Efron does a shirtless backflip with his Italian daddy.

In lieu of releasing his overdue album, Steve Grand visits the beach.

Justin Bieber smells his fingers. Where on Earth do you think those things have been?!

Hey EJ Johnson haters, how many times have beautiful women wanted to pose with you?

Bravo fashion maven Brad Goreski is trying to bring back overalls. Please don’t let it happen, guys.

Former gay porn star-turned-chocolatier Harry Louis really wants you to know he has abs.

Fashion icon Conchita Wurst poses with Jean Paul Gaultier after kicking his runway’s ass.

Russell Tovey and Rocky, undisputed top gay celebrity power couple of 2014.

Noted DILF Dan Osborne, the new fitness expert at British gay mag Attitude, gets a tattoo of his son’s name. Aww!

Professional attention hound Lance Bass dyes his hair blue. How original.

Beautiful human Colton Haynes promotes safety by wearing a helmet while cycling around his alleged glass closet.

Beautiful out Olympian Blake Skellerjup trains in a dapper suit on a cobblestone street in New York City.

Michael Lucas covers his lightly used package with trunks by Charlie.

Selfie addict Ricky Martin is one seriously stylish cool mom, not like a regular mom.

On top of Johnny Weir: Right where you’ve always wanted to be.

RuPaul serves daytime fish and offers a fashion tip: “Fake flowers help to #sissythatwalk”.

How much will this Drag Race fan regret his Alyssa Edwards “back rolls” tattoo in the morning?

Legend Del Rey proves she is god by walking on water to take a selfie.

Drag Race pit crew hunk Jason Carter poses for a post-workout, pre-burger. selfie

Zachary Quinto gets trapped in a terrifying funhouse or gay club (same thing, right?) in Paris.

Yanis Marshall is in a relationship! You can also follow his boo Camillo Lauricella on Instagram.

Chris Mears, diving brofriend of Jack Laugher, poses shirtless in the kitchen.